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Copyright-Free Image books anyone? Now on Ebay. Tttthat’s all folks (for now).

Packing and Letting Go

Packing for the move goes slowly. An artist must check out every little thing when she decides to keep or toss. I’m tackling my art supplies/mixed media stuff and books first. The rest will be faster and easier – not so much emotion attached. I find it funny that I was beginning to whittle my […]

Coming Full Circle

As I was thinking of what to say in my next (this) blog entry, I realized that I have lived almost all my days within a small radius. I was excited to map it out to morning and discovered that indeed, it’s almost a circle. Other than the jig over to our first house on […]

Welcome Home

The title of this post is 2-fold. First, WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG HOME! I’ve finally made the switch after months in the making. nina said to just jump in without setting up all the sidebar stuff, so I have. And the impetus was being able to add a photo album to the blog, which […]