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Verizon Woes

Some lessons learned when moving: 1. The packing and the moving are easy compared to the unpacking.2. Setting up a new house isn't just about where to put the furniture.3. Verizon is just too big and incompetent to install a simple phone jack. We chose Verizon FIOS as the latest/greatest internet/TV/phone service for the new house, […]

Art & Life in Books

 Sorry I've been MIA. It takes every ounce of energy and time to clean the old house out and make ready for the sale. I knew it would be work. After Saturday I was afraid that I would not be ready for the sale which starts this Friday. By end of day Sunday I was feeling […]


Yes, you're a winner, I'm a winner, everyone is a winner because we are alive, we can read, we can write and we take an interest in each others lives. Congratulation on winning the gift that is this day. Now for the big drawing… Chosen by a Random Integer GeneratorHere are your random numbers: 85 Timestamp: […]

Where to Go for The Good Stuff

Envision an antique booth full of everything you love. An art store where many, many items are old and worn and loved and already imbued with meaning, and you (the artist) just have to tap into and listen for the small still voice of inspiration. Well that place exixts. I watched my favorite movie Saturday night, Field of Dreams. "If you […]


Being in the real estate business I know that many buyers have trouble seeing the potential in another person's home (the BEFORE photo). Your agent tells you to remove all the extraneous stuff, paint the walls in a nice neutral (white) and put away all signs that you live there – all in an effort to […]

Bye Bye Blackbird

“Pack up all my care and woe, here I go, singing low, bye, bye, blackbird.” Remember that song? It was one in my Mom’s repertoire of oldies but goodies, and is very appropriate for today. I’m done packing. I’ll be getting the key to the house shortly and tomorrow, with the help of 4 strong young […]