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Goodbyes and New Beginnings

  In my last post I said I'd post "tomorrow". Never say "tomorrow" when you are as busy a woman as I am. These days just whisk on by and before you know it, a week has passed. Children bearing grandchildren come, daughters have birthday parties and houses need that final cleanout before settlement. Yes! we […]

  I have never considered making digital art real art. Although it most certainly is, I just need to have that hands on, paint under my nails or fabric and thread running through my fingers to feel like I'm really making something. But sit me at my computer with a few (or 100) photos and Photoshop […]

Baby Steps

  I can't compete with my marathoners.(Daughter Sara and her husband Jeff, with my son Brian on the rightafter running a 1/2 Marathon Sunday morning)   Nor can I keep pace with my field hockey playerKelly (right) ready to strike on Monday   I feel like I've been on the run all year. What I am […]

Back in the Swing of Things

  What is this? Keep reading… I am beginning to feel like I have my life back again. I've unpacked the studio, done some art, listed some Ebay items, squeezed in some blog posts, and most of all, breathed a big sigh of relief that the craziness is over. I hope I am not speaking […]


  We joke about R&R abound here because those are also the initials of our real estate company, Riley & Riley Associates. But when I refer to R&R, I always mean the other kind – rest and recouperation aka relaxation and recreation.  I have been in dire need of some. My absence from this blog is evidence that my time is […]