Archives for October 2008

A New Quilt? A TAP Perhaps?

I looked over at the transparencies drying on my bed and saw a quilt.  Not that I'd ever make one out of transparencies, but the repetition of the pattern on each page and the muted colors just jumped out at me as a lovely addition to my bedroom. It cries for color. We have yet to paint it. I don't mind white walls, but […]

Goodie Box

  Just a quick note to share my goodie box. A package arrived on Friday and I just got around to opening it up this morning. It's my set of Claudine Hellmuth's new STUDIO line  of artist paints, brushes and canvas. Look at those yummy colors, with names like  Altered Orange, Dab of Yellow and Touch of Red. We will be […]

This past week month has been crazy. I still cannot fathom how my life gets busier instead of calmer. What am I doing wrong? Right now the only me time I am getting is my 3 hour oasis in my abstract painting class each Sunday. This is my painting from last Sunday. But the time […]

Previews on You Tube

Quilting Arts Workshop has uploaded previews of their new DVDs onto You Tube.  I guess I am culturally current now if I am on You Tube – twice even. The other one, on Lutradur, can be seen here. The quality on the actual DVDs is much better than what is on You Tube. There is an option below the You Tube screen […]