Archives for March 2009

Finding My Way

  I have spent well over a year now trying to figure out what I want to do with my life art. I literally ran myself into the ground travelling, teaching, creating numerous class plans and samples, writing 3 books and who-knows-how many articles, all the while being wife, mother, daughter and grandmother to my ever-growing family. Along the way […]

The Give and Take of Art

This past week I lectured and taught at my local Nimble Fingers Quilt Guild. Next weekend I am taking a class with Carol Soderlund through the local Potomac Craftsmen Guild. In between – last night to be exact, I attended the opening of the Second Annual Tribute to Fiber Art at the Black Rock Center for the Arts. Then I’ll be […]

The Truth About Being #1

It's fleeting, I know. Amazon updates hourly, but for my one brief, shining moment, I am #1 on Amazon. Sure it's in a small category, Textile Arts, but really, how often can one say they are #1. So I'm saying it. YAY. I am #13 in Crafts – and that's a much larger category. Wait. […]