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An Artful Journey

An Artful Journey is a 3-day retreat I am teaching at in February 2010. It is a retreat in the truest sense, located at a unique, pueblo-styled center situated on 67 acres among the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Los Gatos, CA. Six teachers, yet you pick one (can you do it?), just one, […]

Will #20 Please Step Forward?

Here are your random numbers: 20 Timestamp: 2009-06-26 20:53:23 UTC #20? That's Michele, Textile Traveler. Congratulations! After reading your blog, it sounds like you could use a little cheering up.    Today is fast coming to an end with nothing to show for it and this weekend I'll be babysitting 2-year old (this past Monday), Julia, so no art […]

Welcome Back, Lesley Riley

Attempt #2, which will be shorter because the art awaits. I have a longer post going but tried to add another photo and the program froze up on me. So this is the abbreviated, less poetic version. I've been busy. Mostly day to day routine stuff caring for family and home. I did manage to […]

Bad Blogger Checking In

  I know it has been a long, long time since my last post. I have just joined BBA – Bad Bloggers Anonymous. it's not that I don't care. I really have just been very, very, busy. Growing a business is as time intensive as growing a family. Sometimes I wonder why I take so […]