Archives for December 2009

Art/Craft Books Looking for New Homes

Being snowbound lends itself to organizing, cleaning, weeding and down-sizing. To make room for all my new books, I am getting rid of the following books.  All are listed on Amazon and are easy to find as they are listed at the lowest price on Amazon. And my seller name is LaLasLand (remember the old website?)  A […]

First Snow

The snow began here this morning and all day continued, its white rhetoric everywhere calling us back to why, how, whence such beauty and what the meaning; such an aracular fever! flowing past windows, an energy it seemed would never ebb, never settle less than lovely! and only now, deep into night, it has finally […]

Holiday Presence

Will you be present for the holidays? Fully present? I have a habit of being so busy doing that I am not being. The shopping, the presents, the meals, the decorating, the last minute things to do – my mind is aswirl (and sometimes my body), thinking of all the things I must do, and […]