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It’s 2013. Do You Need a Do-Over?

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose. Mary Pickford Do you remember do-overs? They were really popular at my school. Everybody wanted one. “I wasn’t ready. Can I have a do-over?” “She laughed at me. Can I have a do-over?” “I coughed. Can I have a do-over?” Most of the time the answer was […]

Why You’re Not There Yet

The end is near for the year and you may have started thinking about the the g-word…GOALS, aka New Years resolutions. No, this is not another goal-setting post. Stick with me for some important advice. Your good intentions usually last about a week, 10 days if you’re lucky, a month if you’re really dedicated, right? (Be […]

52 PickUp: A year of Inspiration and Motivation

Make 2013 YOUR year Stay on track Stay inspired Stay focused Stay accountable to your dreams Join Lesley Riley for a year of inspiration & motivation delivered weekly to your inbox 52 PickUp begins Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 REGISTRATION STARTS NOW! MAKES A GREAT GIFT (to yourself or a favorite someone) Sign up before midnight […]