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And the Winner Is….

There was a little contest, for a little book. It garnered little interest but still, let’s take a look. Just 8 people entered, so the chances are good, that one of them wins, as they very well should. From a number one picks, in case anyone thinks this contest is fixed. So drum roll, […]

It’s Time for a Little Word Play

  Lately, I’ve been getting a lot done….and it worries me. Am I forgetting something? Am I working longer hours than usual? Wait, scrap that. I just remembered a quote someone sent me this week, something Noel Coward said: “My work is more fun than fun.”   There should be a word for fun work. […]

Book Giveaway

The GIVEAWAY is over. Of course you can still listen to the wonderful interview with Susan & Chrysti ANYTIME at the links below. __________________ Tonight on Art & Soul Radio, I am interviewing Susan Tuttle and Chrysti Hydeck, co-authors of Photo Craft: Creative Mixed Media and Digital Approaches to Transforming Your Photographs. It’s an amazing and […]

Oh Deer!

I am one of the new kids over at the Sketchbook Challenge blog.  Many thanks to Sue Bleiweiss for inviting me to be a part of this amazing group and talented artists. Little did I know, when I interviewed Sue on my Art & Soul Radio show, that months later I would actually be stepping […]

Don’t Write it Down, DO IT!

Rather than do a blog post on my goals for the year, I’m putting them into action one by one. You know I’m all about taking action. #1 my Call for Art for my next book (yesterday) #2 more blogging and using video = blogging! (today) Two goals met and it’s only the 2nd day […]

Calling All Artists: A Call for Art

New Year – New Opportunity! Happy New Year to you! Let’s start it off with some creative fun. I am creating a book of illustrated quotes, much like the Fragments I have made over the last 12+ years, and I need your help. I need your art! I want to make this a really juicy […]