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Levels of Importance

  Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, the show I don’t watch that follows the one I do,  Sunday Morning, called this the ‘week from hell and back’ for out nation. “Yes,” I thought, “another reminder that the universe is so much bigger, so much more complex, than my own little world here on the farm. […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

Some of you may have been following my progress to be in the present moment for the last few weeks. Knowing that it takes at least a month to create a new habit, I wanted to hold myself accountable by blogging about my efforts.Things went really well for 24 days and then the Universe/God decided to test my […]

Present Time Post #24

Very hard time of it today. Too focused on the past and future: “Did I do anything wrong on my 2009 and 2011 taxes?” (I hope I have all the proof & receipts they ask for.) “How will the audit go tomorrow?” (Why pick on the self-employed little people?) “How am I going to get […]

Present Time Post #23

Today I have discovered there are two ways of being in present time: 1. Confused about what to do, stops and starts, going around in circles, questioning, over-thinking or being too flustered to think straight. (That was my morning) 2. Taking action, one step at a time; moving forward; completing one cycle and then starting […]

Present Time Post #22

Constant Discovery I was led to this beautiful term by a sequence of web-based occurrences today that began with a Facebook notification of an old friend’s birthday. FB → a website → Amazon → another book → another website → this quote: This unknowable life is a mirror that allows us to discover the truth — not by beliefs, or concepts, […]

Present Time Post #21

Today the present moment dragged on and on and on… I’ve been in Kansas City since Wednesday. I woke this morning at 3:45 AM to get to the airport for my 6 AM flight. I never take early morning flights, but this time it seemed like a good idea. The 6 AM flight got me […]

Present Time Post #20

I made this tiny paper doll in a class with The Oiseaux Sisters back in May 2006. It’s one of my most cherished pieces. I wrote in my blog post that the weekend was “a chance to explore, to renew, to discover and to refill.” Do you ever take a class or have a weekend getaway and […]

Present Time Post #19

  As I mentioned yesterday, I am clearing out a room – 75% boxes of book, 25% art stuff. The bonus is that I get to go through the boxes of books before I shelve them in my husband’s office. It’s like meeting up with long lost friends. (Which also happens to be what I’m […]

Present Time Post #18

  Today was a wonderful continuation of yesterday’s calm demeanor. I love this! The question is: am I just going through a no stress, no out-of-the-blue problem period or is this calm, “no-worries” mindset actually taking hold and creating a new beingness for me? I’m cleaning out the room where I dumped all my stuff when […]

Present Time Post #17

I am noticing changes in my behavior and my thinking. Some big, some subtle and some frustrating. Sometimes I try too hard to get out of my head and stop thinking. This only leads to me getting upset with myself. And then I realize that I am not really in present time. You can’t be […]