Archives for November 2013

We Took the Long Way to Heaven (because we were making art)

Back in 2011, my dear friend, Lesley Jacobs, invited me to participate in another collaborative project. Lesley was one of the original True Colors artists. We both participated in a subsequent collaborations, Alphabetica, spearheaded by Lynne Perrella. Ten artists said, “YES!,” to the call and then…life got in the way. What was supposed to be […]

Cover Girl Announcement

Let me introduce you to the new cover girl! Her name is Emily (as in the title,  Emily Hurries Home in Time for Tea.) The winning artist is Joanie Springer from Art for the Soul of It. The response was overwhelming. I had to shut down voting early because I reached my 1000 response limit on Survey […]

Pick the Cover for My Book

I need your help. I can’t decide on a cover for Quotes Illustrated. If you’re new here you might not know that I am self-publishing a book of illustrated quotes. You can find out all the details and back-story here. The book is just about done except for a few details…like the cover image. I […]

Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway

Have you heard the buzz? There’s a giveaway going on over on Facebook. There’s this Hive, you see, a honey of a sweet spot where 10 artists are working together to pollinate the world with hand-printed fabric. Each month the Queen Bee picks a theme and the rest of the worker bees make a piece […]