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I’m old, so why bother?

“One afternoon in 1772 Mary Delany noticed how a piece of coloured paper matched the dropped petal of a geranium. She lifted a pair of filigree-handled scissors – the kind that must have had a nose so sharp and delicate that you could almost imagine it picking up a scent. With the instrument in her […]

Printed Fabric Winner Announced

Between this blog and Facebook, the response to the giveaway was astounding. It’s obvious to me now that you love fabric as much as I do, especially hand-printed, original fabric by the outstanding members of the Printed Fabric Bee. Thank you for dropping by and throwing your hat into the ring. The winner of the […]

An Art-Full Tax Break

I’ve been working on my taxes all day (and all this week). I just took a little break. The light falling on my ruler jar was begging to be photographed. That led to a little Photoshop editing and playing with some filters. This tax break isn’t about money at all. It’s about noticing. It’s about […]

AnOther JOurnal COmplete

Finally finished another one of my signature journals. This one has been patiently waiting for a long time. Detail of a TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) transfer on the journal cover.         Sweet tweets to you xox

How Tall Are You?

Want to know how to get your gleam on? Expose yourself. Exposure completes the communication cycle of art. It is a primal human instinct to want to leave your mark, to say, “I was here.” This need to share our creations starts early. Who hasn’t run up to their mom or teacher exclaiming, “Look what I […]

Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway Time!

Queen Bee here, announcing the monthly fabric giveaway. Each month a member of the Printed Fabric Bee is crowned Queen Bee. She chooses a theme and a color palette and the other 9 worker bees create a small piece of original fabric for her. But we like to share the wealth so we each create […]