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What to do when you don’t know

When you find yourself saying “I don’t know”: what to do how to do it if I can if it will work out if I really want to where to start why if it’s too hard too silly too stupid if I am brave enough how it will turn out what to use when I […]

Studio Space Outside the Box

It’s About Space In a 2010 survey that I conducted over 1500 artists said, SPACE, or rather the lack of it, was the second most common problem artists face. Space to work, space to store supplies, and, especially (in my case), space to think. Some of you are blessed with lovely, large studios, a place […]

Creative Image Transfer is in the House

  My book is HERE. It’s time to bring out the TAP Transfer Artist Paper again and heat up your iron. Along with some fabulous contributors, I’ve got new tips, trick, surfaces and ideas for you to play with. You can buy directly from me in my web shop in the TAP or Books section. […]

Is Yours a Peak Experience?

I now know what we are searching for when we make art – peak-experience. In a recent Painter’s Key newsletter, Sara Genn shared this informative quote by Abraham Maslow that really got me thinking about the allure, the draw, and the pull of artmaking: The person in peak-experiences feels himself, more than other times, to […]

Paint Mojo – A (Story) Book Review

I waited a few days to open my new book, Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo, because I wanted time to savor it. As I sat down in my big comfy, new chair, purchased just for afternoon reading breaks, I thought to myself, “I’m snuggling in here like I’m about to read a storybook, not a craft […]

Winner Announcement and Another Giveaway

The Winner is the randomly generated comment #11 which was submitted by: Donna Joy. Donna, you are the winner of the fabulous book, Alternative Art Surfaces. Many thanks to those that entered the drawing and left such insightful comments about finding awe and aha. I was in awe at the responses I received and am […]