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Due to popular demand,
52 PickUp is back again
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Thursday, January 5th, 2017,
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New this time – VIDEO. Along with that there may be some dancing* too.
*Yes! Dancing improves creativity. 

Susan   Susan Darbyshire – Hi all! I started 52 pickup in December. I have followed Lesley’s email posts for a few years now and decided I needed to go beyond just sticking my toe in the water.

Judy Judy MacNaughton – Lesley, your email was right on target for me this week. I was just telling myself the other day that I need to let go of the expectation that all my first attempts at something have to be great.


I also know how hard it is to stay focused on your creative practice. Obstacles are inevitable. As an expert in overcoming creative obstacles, I will connect with you regularly to help you have the kind of art and creativity infused life you desire – a weekly creativity nudge, so to speak.

This is the traditional time of year when you start to think about all the art-related things you haven’t yet accomplished or created. This is the time of year for do-overs. Call them new year resolutions, call them dreams, call them goals.

Call them whatever you want but you know you have things you want to get done. You want to be more productive art-wise and follow your dreams.

I know you start out with good intentions and then, whoops! you get sidetracked. Life gets in the way. A little time goes by and it get harder and harder to get back on track. Do any of these resonate:

Feel overwhelmed at the thought of going into your studio?
Don’t have an inch of space to create in?
Have others whose needs come first? 
Don’t know where to start?
Lack confidence?
Lack talent?
No time?
No energy?
No point in trying?
Feel you don’t deserve art time?
Don’t know how to make it all work?
Do you feel that no one understands your creative needs?
Believe that taking time for your art is a someday dream?


You see, I know that in order to stay on track with your creative dreams and desire you need someone who understands, some accountability, nudge or kick in the pants. That’s exactly why I created 52 PickUp.

Unlike the card game, this is no prank. Each week you will receive an email from me that, if I get it spot-on, will knock your socks off. These PickUps will knock a reminder into your heart, some motivation into your soul and most of all, some motion into your feet and hands to take action on those dreams. 

It won’t be a long email. Just enough to deliver the message. I know the last thing you need is another email to read, so I’ll make it worth your time. This one will be so full of:



that you will feel more ALIVE each day and ready to blow away the obstacles to your creative practice.


52 PickUp will:

Help you PickUp where you left off

Pick you UP out  of the Creativity Gap

Pick you Up when you are feeling down or off-track

Guarantee you PickUp new art ideas & inspiration

PickUp your ears with inspiring music and interviews

PickUp your heartbeat when it goes all aflutter over gorgeous imagery


Each PickUp will include inspiration and motivation in a variety of ways, like:

creative ideas 
stumbling block busters
things that make you go, Ahhh 
and a hefty dose of my wisdom and support.

PLUS! 52 PickUp has a online Facebook community for you to connect and chat with others who want to stay inspired and motivated throughout the year. There is strength in numbers. Getting and giving support from others will help you stay focused even more.

My coaching clients pay me thousands for a year’s worth of weekly calls. They do it because they know that accountability and the connection to their dreams makes things happen.

I want everyone to have that experience. 

Will you spend a year with me and with other creatives like you, working on your challenges, and untangling your stumbling blocks and procrastination? You know what’s stopping you. Isn’t it time to stop it! 

The secret to developing a regular practice of creativity is staying on track. It is the connection between your desire and intention and my weekly tap on the shoulder to take action that will inspire and motivate you to do the very thing you want to be doing…your art.

If you have any doubts or hesitation
, please email me with your questions.

HERE to see a sampling of prior year PickUps.

Check out what current 52ers are saying about the PickUps and the changes they have made in their lives… 

Finding Time was a perfect prompt – it often seems that creative time does come in last after family, work and other responsibilities. I have been truly inspired by Lesley’s insights. Since the 52 pickup emails started, I’ve been creating more, finishing more (a big hurdle for me), submitting to art shows books and magazines. Making “the doing” the goal instead of the end result is making a big difference in carving out time each day. I’m also returning to some of my other neglected loves like gardening, photography & blogging. So – many thanks!  Stacey Merrill


Hello Lesley! I am an art teacher 1-8 in a private school in NC. This is my 8th year. I  never planed to be a teacher but because I was an artist my kid’s principal hired me. I then decided to go back to school at 48 to get a degree in elementary education so that I would be certified.I am now 53. My real love is making art . Saw you on the Internet one day and loved the fact that you made me feel it is never too late to do art. That’s why I subscribed to 52 pick up.

This year I was determined to make my own art. I painted everyday during my spring break and was so happy. I also was able to sell some of my things at a show in Raleigh, NC. I really am tired when I get home from school but you are right about how making art feeds the soul. I also believe I do not have to wait until a break to do my own art. Little steps everyday is possible. I am trying really hard to make the doing of the art a priority and pray I can make money at it as well. I loved the video you made and was laughing out loud because you described all the excuses I use not to do art. I would love to meet you in person one day! Thank you! Sabrina Armstrong 


Wow, that was so moving, it brought tears to my eyes…  Love your pick me ups. weeeee. Cindy Holland


Thank you for this week’s motivation. I hadn’t worked in my studio for weeks and started on some larger “treasure boxes” Wednesday evening. I did as you suggested in one of your other lists of “how to get motivated” and I left the next step for Thursday morning. All day I had so much more energy than I have had in weeks. I had no idea why this burst until I read Week 4 this morning. I’ll re-read this installment many times to get me out of my slump. Thank you so much. Judy Murrah


Love Week One Music and Moving!!! Wow, Lesley…what a great way to start!!! Janet Schultz


These quotes are lovely, and so true! And I did stitch this week, finally, after having another priority take up my time for almost a week. However, I did make hot cross buns twice during that time and they were the best ones so far. I keep modifying the recipe, and grated orange peel instead of candied citron is a big winner! Thanks for your series, it is really helping me get back into my creative groove. Fran Mc


My main stumbling block is lack of time organisation, and distraction, mainly family needs but also procrastination. I’m not short of contacts, stimulation, access to materials etc, but seem to waste a lot of time.  I have longish lists of “to dos” – maybe I am too ready to add on new stuff before dealing with the old. Just now, I’d be happier Doing than Telling, but I have tried to respond to all your 8 Pick-Ups.  I have danced, pushed and I do pay attention.  If I don’t stitch almost every day, something’s missing. Over to you. Rae Hopkinson


Thanks so much for your email.  Guess what?  I have started sketching again!  I told myself I would just begin with 15 minutes a day – I can do this – and I have already begun! Yay! It feels so good, it is so relaxing, it just flows. That word – PUSH – is already making a difference in my life.  I have done some other things that have simplified my surroundings, making it seem “lighter” or just a more relaxing environment in which to live and play.  Thanks for all the inspiration!  YOU are making a difference! Maeve Binder


Now’s your chance to see for yourself. Click HERE to see a sampling of PickUps. 

What are you waiting for? Take that first step into your future and decide now. You either want it or you don’t. But I’m guessing if you’re read this far that you do, right? So say, “”Yes” to yourself. Gift yourself. You do deserve it. 

Restart your commitment to art-making.

And you can start right now! This is an excellent day to start moving towards your dreams, for just $1 a week. Less than a coffee, cocktail or dessert and so much better for you.

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Thanks so much for the “kick start” you gave me.  At least now I know I’m actually doing something to move toward my goals.
JoAnn Camp


“Wait a minute!” you may be saying, “Who is this Lesley Riley person? What are her qualifications? Why should I pay attention to her?” Fair questions if we haven’t crossed paths yet. Hop on over HERE to find out more.

I hope to see you back here with a big “YES!” to 52 PickUp: Your Year of Inspiration & Motivation.

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