How To Create Bad Art

I want to share some advice with you on how to create BAD art. It’s actually a lot easier than you think! How do you create bad art? Let’s talk. 21 Ways to Create Bad Art Avoid Risk. Don’t attempt anything that might not come out perfectly. Wait for inspiration. Save your best stuff for a better piece. Never […]

Create A Creative Practice!

Are you feeling lost? tired? hungry? restless? agitated? confused? like something is missing in your life? Chances are you have a deficiency in one of the most vital and important nutrients you and your body need to survive – CREATIVE EXPRESSION You need to create a creative practice. I know, I know. You don’t have […]

Limited Choices Make Jane A Creative Girl

When there are too many choices, many choose nothing at all. Many years ago, in my 1990s, dollmaker days, I took a class with renowned American craft artist and pioneer in the art-doll movement, Akira Blount. Akira lived in the Tennessee foothills of the Smoky Mountains, surrounded by the nature that inspired her later creations.  […]

How to Be a Song – The Creative Light the World Needs

We all have a creative song inside waiting to be sung. How to Be a Song… Country music singer Brett Eldredge made the rounds of morning news and talk shows recently promoting his new Christmas album. There’s a certain something about his presence and enthusiasm for the music that piqued my curiosity. Who is this […]

Join Me LIVE Tomorrow: What It Takes to Teach Quilting & More

What It Takes To Teach Quilting & MORE! Join me LIVE tomorrow 1 PM EST or register now and listen to the download anytime. It’s yours to keep forever. The download will be available a few days after the live event. If attending LIVE, you can pick my brain. I’ll be able to answer any questions […]

New Quilts & Teaching

There’s been a whirlwind of quilting going on around here. Cabin fever sure paid off this long, cold winter. Here are the two quilts I’ve completed so far this year. Ten of Cups (31″ x 40″) was created in response to the SAQA regional show Tarnish that I also co-chaired. The show runs through June 1st, […]

Artist ASAP Registration Open

Back by popular demand, my Artist ASAP online class begins again on October 7. REGISTER NOW! Artist ASAP is the ARTIST SUCCESS ACTION PROGRAM. It is a self-guided class I created after years of coaching other artists to the successful realization of their dreams. I know not everyone can afford, or wants one-on-one coaching, but I still […]

Don’t Write it Down, DO IT!

Rather than do a blog post on my goals for the year, I’m putting them into action one by one. You know I’m all about taking action. #1 my Call for Art for my next book (yesterday) #2 more blogging and using video = blogging! (today) Two goals met and it’s only the 2nd day […]

Calling All Artists: A Call for Art

New Year – New Opportunity! Happy New Year to you! Let’s start it off with some creative fun. I am creating a book of illustrated quotes, much like the Fragments I have made over the last 12+ years, and I need your help. I need your art! I want to make this a really juicy […]

Why You’re Not There Yet

The end is near for the year and you may have started thinking about the the g-word…GOALS, aka New Years resolutions. No, this is not another goal-setting post. Stick with me for some important advice. Your good intentions usually last about a week, 10 days if you’re lucky, a month if you’re really dedicated, right? (Be […]