Identifying Creativity Gaps – Part 1 from Lesley Riley on Vimeo.

Identifying Creativity Gaps – Part 2 from Lesley Riley on Vimeo.


Now that you are aware of the 21 major Creativity Gaps you may fall into, it’s time to see where and how they may, or may not, effect your creative life. 

Download and complete the evaluation form (below).  It will provide you with an overall picture of your gap situation – at this point in time. 

You are working to close or bridge the gaps you have right now. It’s important to realize that gaps will come and go. That’s good news for the most part. You already know how things can change unexpectedly.  If you’re lucky, over time, some may disappear on their own. New ones can arise through an unwelcome surprise.  But right now, you must focus on and handle the present. It is the only thing you have control over.  This minute, this moment.  What you do now determines your future. 

Click here to download the Creativity Gap Evaluation Form