Become the Creative Force You Were Born to Be

become a creative forceGoogle the term ‘creativity experts’ and you get a long list that is similar to the list you get when you Google ‘famous artists’ – the majority are men.

Thankfully, there has been a recent upsurge in the number of women who have become a creative force: Elizabeth Gilbert, Twyla Tharp, Jan Phillips and Julia Cameron, to name a few. But there is still something missing from their shared wisdom.

Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was an artist. Howeverwithout the “natural talent” to draw realistically, at the age of 16, I mistakenly figured I was not going to become a creative force. But OH, I loved to create and accumulated a rich history of art lessons, craft experience and books, books and more books to show me how. And yet, I took the “responsible” path, burying all this creative desire while creating a family and a business with my husband.

As a working mother of two, then 3, 4, 5, and finally, six children, I still harbored dreams for a “someday” creative life. How could I accomplish it in the midst of the life I was living, the one that began before the call to create resurfaced and planted itself squarely within my heart.

I could no longer deny that I wanted & needed to become a creative force.

That I hadn’t yet made that happen must have been my fault. The problem was me and the solution was out of my hands. 

I began looking for women “just like me” who had children, lives like mine (busy!), AND a sustainable creative practice. Pre-internet, these women were not easy to find!

For the most part, the women artists and creatives that I found were women who were childless, single, or married with disposable income, or had a well-established creative practice before bringing children into the mix. None of those women had lives like mine. Maybe it was not possible for me to become a creative force.

Then I found this line in Mary Catherine Bateson’s Composing A Life, that gave me hope, a mission, and a path to follow…

It is time now to explore the creative potential of interrupted and conflicted lives, where energies are not narrowly focused or permanently pointed toward a single ambition.


In my research, there was a lot of discussion, but no concrete solutions for bringing creativity into my own interrupted and conflicted life. Most discussions about creative process focused on what to do and how to handle what arises WHEN you are in the creative process.

I needed to know how to GET there.

I was living in a Creativity Gap, always struggling to find the time, space, confidence, permission, solitude, energy and mindfulness to create AND sustain a regular creative practice. Perhaps you can relate to this.

But here’s the best part. Once I identified the creativity gaps keeping me from my art life, I could work with them. I built bridges over some gaps and closed others. It took me almost 30 years to do so, but I now have the life I longed for.

I have become the creative force I was born to be.

I want to sing it from the rooftops – you CAN have it both ways! My upcoming Closing the Creativity Gap Program will show you how to get there, too. Whether your dream is to be a full time artist, or to fit a regular consistent heart and soul sustaining creative practice into your present situation, this program will provide the map you need to get there.

Yes, it sounds like a big promise, and perhaps a difficult journey, but if you and I team up and work together, I will show you how to get from A to B to Creativity. And no, this isn’t a one-map-fits-all program. It focuses on YOUR specific path to success.

Registration is open! If you haven’t already registered, just click below to get more info and a registration link. This is an eight week online program that meets you where you are now. It will guide you in practical and doable ways to create the creative practice you desire. 

Become the creative force YOU were born to be.