Mother Teresa Was Self Centered

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Mother Teresa was self centered. Before you fire off any objections, please read on. Mother Teresa was not was egotistical or selfish. (Did you notice there was a hyphen missing between self and centered?)  I am referring to the fact that Mother Teresa had a complete and full knowledge of her self – her soul, […]

This One Thing Turned Her Life Around


  We all have stories. The lovely, magical even, thing about life is that we get to control how our stories goes. And even better, we get to be the hero of our own stories. Or we can be the victim, the damsel in distress, the unlucky sidekick or the one standing on the sidelines. How […]

It’s Not a Lack of Time

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I know what you want. You want more me time. A lucky few have the luxury of time, and even then, many give away their power to control it. You can’t walk in a bookstore, see a magazine or surf the net without finding tips, tricks, techniques and “guaranteed!” solutions on time management. A quick Google search yielded 493 million results. […]

Still Life

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Are You Living A Still Life? Who am I really? What am I supposed to do with my life, my gifts and desires? These are questions you often ask yet can rarely answer to your own satisfaction.  If I told you that you’ll never really know, would you feel saddened or relieved? Or a little of both? […]

Creating Art in the Midst of Everyday: Real Information for Real People


This is me, writing to you. I have created a career in the arts by snatching, scrounging, begging, borrowing and stealing time and space from my busy, family centered life. I raised not one or two, but six children (youngest now in college) who have blessed me with six grandchildren – all girls, so far. Typical […]

STITCHED! – Join Me!

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STITCHED 2015 is:   -Seven online classes by an eclectic group of awesome artists. Hanna Andersson, Lynn Krawczyk, Celeste Beck, Lesley Riley, Lidija Miklavcic, Carrie Payne and Carmi Cimicata.   -In addition, Alma Stoller will post a new online class every month for the entire year – everything from doll making, silk ribbon embroidery and […]

Register NOW for the Red Thread Retreat

Art Journaling at the Speed of Life4

Creating Art at the Speed of LifeWorkshop with Pam Carriker I am thrilled to be hosting Pam Carriker for one of her very limited 2015 workshops. I’m inviting you to join us in October for four days of art, creativity, inspiration and fun with like-minded women. If you like small, intimate art retreats where plenty of laughter and friendships are […]

Jen Louden Guest Post on Creative Retreats


Registration for the annual Red Thread Retreat opens at noon EST on Monday, January 19, with guest instructor Pam Carriker. What better way to get in a retreat frame of mind than hearing from my friend, Jen Louden, on 5 Yummy Ways to Create the Very Best Retreat. I am thrilled to have her as a guest on the […]

Stencil Girl & Me = Stencils + TAP


What a fabulous idea – combining two of the hottest products on the market – STENCIL GIRL STENCILS & TAP Transfer Artist Paper. Join the one and only STENCIL GIRL,  Mary Beth Shaw & me, plus nine talented artists (see list below) as we share our art, ideas and inspiration during this week long blog hop. Read on as I share […]

A Life-Changing Opportunity in Amsterdam

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NOTE: Even if a trip like this is out of the question, I hope you will read through this because there may be some aha insight for you that can make a difference. I’ve learned that you never know how, when or where inspiration will come.  , I’m Lesley Riley and I’m teaching a Red Thread […]