Another Call for Art – Quotes Illustrated by Lesley Riley



I am working on a new and expanded version of Quotes Illustrated and I need your help.

I need 30 NEW pieces of art for the new version of the book. That’s where you come in.

Note! The deadline to apply to submit artwork is 12 PM EST January 19, 2014.

The deadline for emailing your artwork (in the proper format, see details below)  is February 15th, 2014.  The rules and requirements will all be the same as before so please read carefully below.  

If you request quotes, I will respond as soon as possible due to the impending Christmas merry-makingPlease email me anytime if you have any questions.

I am looking for artwork that illustrates the quote itself, it’s message, it’s meaning or how it makes you feel. Your illustration does not have to be a literal interpretation. The actual quote or words from it may, but does not have to be, a part of the artwork. Acceptable artwork includes but is not limited to: collage, painting, quilt or other fiber art, mixed media, assemblage, photograph or digital art. If in doubt, ask.

I am looking for a variety of art mediums and styles. Sadly, there is no guarantee that your artwork will be selected and competition will be stiff for these 30 spots. Final selections will be based on the quality of your submitted photograph, the overall visual impact of your piece and how it fits in with the rest of the artwork selected for the book. Work not chosen for the book may become part of a future online project.

Here’s How it Works

If you wish to participate, send an email* to with your full name, email address, mailing address and phone number.

If you have a quote that you would like to illustrate, please send it to me for approval in your initial email. I cannot guarantee that the quote you choose will be approved due to the possibility of 1) others choosing it; 2) it has already been assigned to someone else; or 3) it does not fit in with the overall concept of the book, which is inspiration.

I will send everyone who responds to this Call for Art two quotes I have selected for you, ones that I hope will inspire and inform the art you would like to submit to be considered for the final, published book.

You must use your approved quote or one of the quotes I send you as the basis for your artwork. You may submit one or two illustrated quotes. (Please do not submit more than two.)

If you include the quote as part of your artwork, please do NOT use any quote marks, dashes or italics in or around the quote or author name. 

This is how it should look. Lesley Riley

“This is NOT how it should look.” –Lesley Riley

You retain full rights to do whatever else you wish with your illustration(s) once the book is published. Please do not post photographs of your finished and submitted artwork until you find out if your work has been selected. If your artwork will be included in the book, do not post or publish photographs of the selected artwork until after the book is published. Work that is not chosen for the book may become part of a future online project but you are permitted to post it online after final book selections have been made.

By submitting your artwork to Lesley Riley, you are agreeing to it being published by North Light/F&W Publications in any format, including print, digital, or promotional video, and agree to it being shown  in both the US and abroad. A signed Permission form will be required if accepted.

*It is important that you add this email address to your contact or approved sender list so that you are ensured receipt of your quotes, selection notification and any subsequent emails.


PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH YOUR WORK ONLINE! All submitted artwork must be unpublished, which includes on your blog or any other internet site.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: By or before Midnight EST, February 15, 2014
Selection notification: March 1, 2014
Publication date: November 2014


  • Good photography is of the utmost importance. Final selection be made from your photograph. Your submitted photographs the one that will be published in the book.. If you are not sure of your photographic skills, I suggest consulting or hiring a professional.
  • Accepted format: JPG or PSD only.
  • Vertical format is best. If your artwork is in too large of a horizontal format your photo may be too small for publication. Maximum printed width will be 7.5 inches or 2250 pixels.
  • Images need to be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi at 100% of final size with no compression. DO NOT compress your image files.
  • Images should be around 2400 x 3000 pixels for a 8×10 printed image size.
  • RGB color files only.
  • Use a tripod if necessary to get the sharpest image.
  • Use proper lighting. No harsh shadows or yellowed images please.
  • Please photograph your art against a clean, neutral (preferably white or light gray) solid background.
  • Take time to compose your photo. Do not crop too tightly. Leave some white area around image.


File Submission

File Naming must be in this format:

Your last name and first initial_Author.jpg
where Author is the authoron the quote you are illustrating.

For example: RileyL_Goethe.jpg

Click this link to submit your photo:

Additional Information

You will be notified if your work has been selected by or before March 1, 2014. If your work is chosen for publication, you will receive Permission to Print and Contributor Information forms. Work not chosen for the book may become part of a future online project.

The artist name and web or blog address (with your permission) will be listed for all illustrations that are published.