Create A Creative Practice!

creative practiceAre you feeling
like something is missing in your life?

Chances are you have a deficiency in one of the most vital and important nutrients you and your body need to survive –

You need to create a creative practice.

I know, I know. You don’t have the time… or the space, an idea, inspiration, right tool or energy for creative expression. Oh, and lest I forget – why bother, it won’t turn out the way you envision. I’ve heard you whisper, “This is bad,” so why set yourself up for failure?

Physically, mentally, spiritually, and creatively, it is more important to make “bad” art than no art at all.

The act of creating has hidden benefits, well beyond the artwork itself.

Creative expression releases “feel good” endorphins. It relaxes the body. Stick with it and you’ll get to a state of flow where aches and pains will slip away. You will feel good about yourself for doing the thing you want to do. The “I made this!” feeling you had as a child returns. It connects you to the divine within, opening doors to new awareness as you let the process guide your actions.

Oh – and get this – a regular creative practice makes you a better artist! It’s true. This “bad” art you fear will get better and better.

Take off the pressure to be perfect. Try this – think of each creative expression session as practice. Real artists, just like real athletes, musicians, actors, lawyers, doctors, mothers, beauticians, iPhone app developers, spinners, singers, (oh, you get the idea), PRACTICE.

Strive to create a creative practice.

It’s the practice that feeds and heals you, and your body, soul, and talent, too.