Creativity Gap


The Creativity Gap is any point in the creative process where you fall off the wagon – the spots between dream and do where you get derailed. 

Since Graham Wallas’ 1926 model of the creative process, the first of its kind, the focus of creativity has been on the process, not the maker. 

I’m switching the focus on creativity to the maker.

I am currently working on something that will gently (with a touch of kick-ass mom-talk) help you navigate the five stages of creativity to help you build bodacious barriers, raise rock-solid bridges and establish clear and caring boundaries around and over all the Creativity Gaps you regularly face.

I want what you want – to bring more art into your life.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in and you want more information as it unfolds, add your name to my early interest, no obligation Closing the Creativity Gap email list. Click right here, right now.