Creativity Research


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This is research for a book I am writing on the creative process.

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  1. Ruth Ninneman says:

    I’ve read quite a bit about other artists, famous and not so famous. It seems that there’s this image of an artist, in their studio, left for hours or even days, creating their masterpieces. Sometimes they have someone, a spouse or caretaker, in the background, taking care of all the mundane necessities of the day so they may focus on their art. I dream of some time like that. That I get to the point where I have done my art enough for that day and can put it away because I know I will be back soon. Well that doesn’t happen often for me. And that time I spend on art certainly is not guilt-free. There is a nagging creature in the back of my head, even as I am doing art, reminding me of the list of things I should be doing instead. The artist in my brain is capable of giving him a swift kick and does, but often just doesn’t feel able to fight that fight. I feel an important part of the creative process is to feel like you have all the time in the world. How do you be creative when your time is broken……and so is your focus?