Creativity Can Make You Slim & Sexy!

creativity will make you slim and sexyYep, you read that right – creativity can make you slim and sexy.  

Hear me out and give this theory a try!

Hunger is not always a sign that you need to eat.

A physical hunger is an actual gnawing in the stomach. “Restless hunger,” however, means I need/want an endorphin hit. I (and you) want pleasure, satisfaction, and the feeling of being fulfilled. Since it’s an undefined longing, we turn to the first and easiest thing we can think of – food!

Foods that I enjoy make my brain release endorphins which elevate my mood. Have you ever drowned your sorrows or rewarded yourself after a hard day with ice cream? I have.  Just today I saw Lean Cuisine’s new Comfort Food line of frozen meals! They know what’s what.

When I have restless hunger, I’m not actually hungry. What I really want is to be full-filled or entertained – not fat-filled.

Guess what?! Creativity releases endorphins!

SO, replace that trip to the kitchen (or Starbucks, or the ice cream shop) with CREATIVE TIME! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. You feel hungry. DON’T head for the kitchen! Recognize the “hunger” (i.e. desire to put something delicious in your mouth) as a signal to create!
  2. Go straight to your studio. Do not pass the kitchen (if possible).  Do not collect a twinkie. (By the way, ANY dedicated space for creating is a studio – it’s a mindset thing, not a size or enclosed, private space thing.)
  3. Endorphins begin to flow. You haven’t even started creating yet – you’re organizing or gathering inspiration, and those endorphins are already flowing! So cool!
  4. Time passes and you get lost in the process. You’re focused on what you like to do – CREATE. This is fun.  This is fulfilling. This is distracting.  What happened to that desire for a treat to put in your mouth? It’s gone! 🙂
  5. Furthermore, you could even forget to eat.  I’ll bet you’ve experienced that while creating. I have!
  6. The next day you repeat steps 1-5.
  7. All week you repeat step #6.
  8. The following week you are so proud of yourself for feeding your creative hunger instead of your restless hunger, that you want to take better care of yourself in other ways, too.
  9. You begin to be more mindful of what, when and how you are eating.
  10. You throw in a little (or a lot of) walking and/or other exercise because, hey – you realize you have this newfound energy, a sexy glow…and, strangely, more time too!

AND you’ve created more art! Score!

In conclusion, creativity will make you slim and sexy.

Voila! The Creativity Diet!