Getting It Write – The Art of Whimsical Lettering Giveaway

The Art of Whimsical Lettering - jacket art


My friend Joanne Sharp has given us all a gift. There’s no longer a need to study  the exacting art of calligraphy to get wonderful, artful lettering into your artwork. The secret is to use and embellish your own handwriting.

The Art of Whimsical Lettering is an artful instruction book about creating stylized fonts and expressive artwork using the reader’s own personal handwriting skills to decorate journals, canvas art or other projects that use text.

I’ve always been a hand-lettering wimp. I want to do it, but it takes me too much time and practice to get the results I want. Joanne has taken the mystery out of the how and tells you how to start with where you are and then add to it. Sometimes the look you want is all in the pen – she’s got you covered on what pen to use for different effects and techniques, along with a plethora of other tips and tricks.

The thing is, Joanne makes it all look so SIMPLE. I like simple. I can do simple. So I’m hanging on to the copy I bought. BUT, Interweave/North Light has given me a copy to GIVE AWAY!

Just leave a comment here telling me why you need this book. I’ll randomly choose the most creative or neediest response that I receive by 10 AM Sunday morning, April 13th. The lucky winner will be noticed via email and here on the blog. Will it be you?



  1. Deborah M says:

    Needy I’d rather not be! I just need more whimsy in me! Give me letters and set me free!

  2. Oh I need this…

  3. Well… Last week I got a call from my boss (I’m a journalist) who wanted to send me to Africa last minute to do a report on how the global economy and climate change are affecting safaris in southern Africa. So I get to South Africa and immediately started on my safari. The first thing they told me that was due to drought, there are game shortages in the park, so the lions have been pretty aggressive as of late. After a few days driving around the park, I’ve seen a plethora of animals, but no lions – maybe they were just trying to scare me? So last night we’re are settling down for the night and we hear something large walking around outside our campsite. For over an hour, something just outside our line of sight…. Then all of a sudden a lion comes charging into the camp – straight for me! I freeze up and grab my work bag to protect me (yeah, cuz how is that going to help?). The lion comes running past, and instead of going for me grabs my bag, and disappears into the night. Safe! It is only several hours later, after the adrenaline wears off, that the realization sets in that all of my work is in that bag… And I’ve been here for almost a week. So why do I need the Art of Whimsical Lettering? Because all I have is loose-leaf paper and an old fashioned fountain pen with which to write my article for the newspaper. And I think the only way my boss will take the story is if it looks REALLY awesome with my new skill of creative lettering. 😀

    You said creative – but it didn’t have to be true – enjoy! 😀

  4. It seems there are so many people with Fybromalgia and struggle with aspects of their art because of it, often my hand jerks and out comes the gesso. I would love to be more creative with text and feel this book is exactly what I need as I would like to use text more in my Journalling.

  5. This would be helpful for making cards

  6. I have always had an eye for whimsical writing. I could see it, but never believed that my personal handwriting could create such magic until I read about Joanne Sharpe’s book. I love how she takes the approach from your God given talent and to make it your own. I like following my own path and this book will help me in my journey.

  7. When I was teaching I marveled at the amazing lettering students often used to decorate their notebooks and papers. Just an expression of personal creativity, now retired I would love to try some of this in my art expressions.

  8. Why I need this book: (1) I love interesting lettering. I don’t know Joanne Sharp, but it sure looks like she has some fun stuff. (2) I could brag that I got something in the mail from Leslie Riley. That would be quite a coup. (3) I’m going through some big life changes. I think it’s going to lead me to my dream life – creating art and being the real me. I’d love to add this to my arsenal. : )

  9. Barb Boland says:

    I have admired this book for awhile, not for me but for my daughter. She graduated with a music degree
    and is doing some freelance work lettering. She has a very unique style of her own but I’d love to gift her with this book to expand her creativity.

  10. Shirley Dawson says:

    What a great book. It will be great to try out some of these on my future projects.
    thanks for the chance

  11. I’d love to share this with my art journaling students…they are always looking for guidance in their lettering…and Joanne is the queen of lettering.

  12. Wow! After reading all these great responses from other people it’s hard to sound needier! Let me see… What if I just said I really really really. Really want it pretty please?

  13. It’s taken me YEARS, but I finally think I have a grasp on how to journal with images instead of words. Now I need to get the words back into the images, but drab, dreary, awkward, pathetic, just plain lame handwriting won’t do with the new image-making … so the book would be so so helpful!

  14. I was the only one who got to stay a “leftie” in my class because my right arm was broken when we were learning how to write. I have always loved writing even though I had to turn my paper to write uphill. When I took calligraphy in college it was almost impossible to write left handed with right handed tools and not smudge everything. I love the whole idea of Joanne’s book and also because we spell our name the same way. If I won the book I would donate it to the Educator Resource Center where I work so all the teachers that come in could have the opportunity to use this resource and be inspired. Well, after I get a chance to go through it first!

  15. Thank you so much for the chance to win this book! I tried to teach myself calligraphy once upon a time and even with practice it never looked good at all. Simple sounds wonderful! Please enter my name, too.

  16. DiAnna Loy says:

    One of the things I have lost as a result of my disability is my beautiful handwriting ability. I continue to work on getting it back and need any and all the help I can get.

  17. Hlp m fnd m vwls. Cn’t wrt thm wtht ths bk!

  18. Cathy Martin says:

    My birthday is April 23. Please give me a good birthday present. I will give you a “whimsical” thank you!
    Thanks for the chance.

  19. This is a dream for all of us who have lusted after calligraphy and illuminated writing and wanted to make it our own. Want, want, WANT….NEED, NEED, NEED!!!

  20. I have always loved handwriting and have practiced different creative styles in the past. I am inspired to do this again! Looks like a fantastic book! Jamie V in MT

  21. Geneen Granger says:

    How can I describe our desperately I need this book and its help??? I have been trying and trying to make my handwriting interesting or even just legible but I can’t! I’m trying to sketch and paint in journals but they want me to write in it too!! I’m embarrassed and ashamed to share my work because the writing is just so, well crummy. PLEASE choose me, PLEASE!! PS… my husband just retired and he’s driving me crazy being at home all the time so I need some way to escape!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. LOVE this!!! My penmanship has gotten better–having home schooled four children, it seemed a little hypocritical to chastise them about their writing skills, but continue to only print myself, so I actually practiced right along with them. However, you can probably imagine that my writing is NOT whimsical at ALL.

    Legible, yes. Whimsical, no.

    I’ve always hated using my own writing in my artwork, and would absolutely devour this book cover-to-cover!

  23. I hate begging, but if I must I must! I LOVE text and fonts and I WANT to spend more time working on writing on my own fabrics rather than just using text I make up into thermofax screens and stencils. I’ve had my eye on this book and it is on my Amazon wish list! So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR AND A CHERRY ON TOP can I win this book. 😉 hahahaha Thanks for the opportunity to act like a child for a moment. 😉

  24. Cristiana says:

    I’m so unable to do a good quality footballing that I really need some help and this books sound so perfect for this purpose! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  25. deborah Guthrie says:

    Just needy because I want to grow and learn and do everything and then have this learning and growing to share with students.Also I have looked at this book as I love to scribble on my art and have recently looked at lettering artists Joanne being one. Thanking you for this opportunity.

  26. Deborah says:

    I need this book because my lack of creative lettering is threatening to kill me in my sleep! Save a life! 🙂

  27. Hello Lesley!

    Oh my goodness! I’m definitely the neediest, but I don’t like to focus on negative things so, instead, I will, show you why I need this book.

    Do you see what I mean? 😉
    Have a fantastic day. Sending bright beams of positive thoughts, energy and gratitude to you.

  28. Linda Morgan says:

    I need this book because it’s my birthday on Friday, April 11 and I have always wanted to take a calligraphy class and I am really good at whining.

  29. Alanna Campbell says:

    Oh I SO need this book!!! HELP ME PLEASE! When I was young I was always told what beautiful handwriting I had. But, as I grew older I ended up with Fibromyalgia and it has affected my handwriting and lettering. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do NOT let the Fibro stop me, but I find I cannot control my hands like I used to. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!