This One Thing Turned Her Life Around

  We all have stories. The lovely, magical even, thing about life is that we get to control how our stories goes. And even better, we get to be the hero of our own stories. Or we can be the victim, the damsel in distress, the unlucky sidekick or the one standing on the sidelines. How […]

just because

  A gift from a friend in California arrived here in Maryland on this beautiful California dreamin’ kind of day.  I’m taking a moment from my busy day to share it with you just because the giver took a moment from her day to send it to me. After my initial swoon of gratitude for […]

Life Book 2014 Class Winner Announced

Wow! You all made it so hard for me to choose just one winner for Life Book 2014. I so appreciate those who took the time to give an honest, personal, well thought out and insightful answer. My reason for asking you to give me three reasons why you want to take the class was […]

you are not yet us, but we are still you

The Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign is a collaborative effort of hundreds of bloggers writing about Grandmother Power from May 7th to 14th, 2013 When I read Tara Mohr’s April 24th blog post about seeing older women at her Sunday morning dance class, I was a bit insulted. Tara wrote, “One of the most remarkable things […]

Present Time Post #15

I became aware of something new today. When you give yourself and your attention to another, there is only present time. Asking “How can I help, how can I be here for you?” places you instantly present in the moment. When your attention is fully on helping another, you get out of your head and […]

Fiberart for a Cause

  Tomorrow kicks off the 2013 fiber fundraiser to fight cancer, “A Year of Art,” opening at 10 a.m. Central. There are two ways you can participate: 1.  Donate any amount and be entered in a drawing with one grand prize worth more than $1550 (which includes a package of TAP from me!) 2.  Bid on […]