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Grace Notes

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. (Anne Lamott) Anne Lamott’s words sum up two things that are near and dear to my heart – the concept of grace and the practice of art.

To me, grace in art is the result of the nuances and little pieces of the self that we put into our work.

In this class we will use quotes as a jumping off point to uncover grace and improve our skills as artists. We will use quotes about art, quotes by artists and quotes about the act of creating to arrive at our own set of grace notes.

Some of the activities, techniques and concepts we will employ, explore and experience include:

a group paint project
image transfers
writing/journaling exercises
accidental art
composition and design
control: when (and how) to lose it, when to use it
knowing when to stop
working large
working small

For it was precisely this she sought: THE GRACE OF GREAT THINGS. (After Rilke)

NavigationPix Navigation – Charting a Course to Your Soul

Life is a constant search for answers, for an understanding of life’s secrets and wonders.  Occasionally you can catch a fleeting glimpse of a universal truth, in an artfully crafted phrase, an image that draws you in or a work of art that touches your soul.  What if you could plot a course that guided you to discover your own unique path to life’s magic and wonder?
In this class, you will become the navigator and your captain will be Lesley, a certified creativity coach.  Your guides will be image, music and the written world of quotes, prose and poetry; which you will use to chart a course to find and follow you inner soul, a course that will guide you in your life and add magic to your art.  There will be fun solo and group assignments, color and word play and many surprises.
You will create your own celestial map, a unique-to-you, colorful, handmade, spiral bound book full of your art, discoveries and guideposts that you will be able to refer to again and again on your journey through life. The class lasts a day, but the magic lasts a lifetime. You’ve learned so many art techniques, now find out how to create the magic and follow your star.


TAP That Journal
Print, TAP, TAP, print, cover, bind, write, glue, stencil, stamp, TAP, TAP, TAP, create. That’s what we’ll be doing in this wonderful journal class. Whether you’re the constant journaler or new to the practice, this is the class for you. No experience in anything is necessary!
If you already love your journal pages, you’ll love adding TAP to the mix. If you’re afraid to begin, TAP will have you dancing on the pages.
Here’s your opportuity to start from scratch and create a brand new journal. You will hand-print your covers and create inside cover pockets for pencils or what-nots. I’ve got a unique and simple binding that will rock your world.
Then you’ll face the dreaded blank page(s) – but not for long! By the end of class you will be (happily) well on your way to filling your journal with a plethora of pages you’ll adore.

Image+Text=Textile Image+Text=Textile

Images and photographs, text as design, as line, as poetry. They hook and reel us into art, to books, to life. This class is an exploration of image and text as it applies to surface design – primarily, but not limited to quilts and fabric collage. (All the techniques covered can be used on paper and canvas). In tthe morning you will paint and color fabric as well as explore direct application and transferring of TEXT onto fabric along with image transfer on fabric using TAP Transfer Artist Paper. Techniques will include TAP transfers, resists, and syringe writing.
In the afternoon we will use your newly created fabric to create Fragment Fabric Collage textiles, a fun and liberating way to create.  The charm and appeal of Fragments comes from the spontaneous way they are created – there is no measuring, no cutting mistakes and no messy glue.  With fabric, you have an almost endless variety of color and pattern to choose from that can spark ideas and led you to discover a whole new way of looking at fabric.  If you don’t have a large fabric stash, the beauty of making Fragments is that you only need little scraps or fragments of even the most expensive cloth.  Dressmakers or upholsterer’s cutting floors are goldmines.  

Individual attention will be given to each student with an emphasis on combining techniques to create eye-catching design and stunning works of art. This class welcomes artists from different backgrounds who want to learn how to work with fabric, text and image. No sewing/quilting experience required. Some art or design background is helpful, but not required. Beginners are welcome and encouraged in all of my classes.

FragmentJournal1 Fragment Fabric Journal

Use your fabric scraps, transferred images and quotes to create a unique Fragment filled fabric journal. You’ll learn how to transfer images with TAP Transfer Artist Paper, use design elements and principles to create fabric collages and how to create mood and mearning through the use of color, pattern, image and text.