just because

Jane LaFazio Gift


A gift from a friend in California arrived here in Maryland on this beautiful California dreamin’ kind of day.  I’m taking a moment from my busy day to share it with you just because the giver took a moment from her day to send it to me.

After my initial swoon of gratitude for her gift (a petite journal embellished with her divine fiber art) and her gesture, my next impulse was to do the same for someone else. Just because. Because while it’s wonderful to be the recipient of such a gesture, I know deep down, it’s so much more fun to be the instigator and create the experience for someone else.

Thanks, Jane LaFazio.


PS. Even her cards are a work of art. Makes me want to create some cards of my own too. What a creative instigator Jane is!


  1. The best kind of gift

  2. ah, shucks!! How incredibly sweet of you! This just makes me grin. oxoxox