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One of the many, many cool things you can do with Lutradur are image transfers using your inkjet printer. The above photo shows my 2 favorite methods: (left)  transparency + soft gel medium; (right) Transfer Artist Paper (TAP). Both are as easy as pie. Today I'll tell you how to do a transparency transfer. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on TAP transfers.

Transparency Transfer 


Inkjet transparency from office supply store
Soft Gel Medium (matte) - Studio Multi-Medium by Claudine Hellmuth or Golden Soft Gel Medium 
1" foam brush

*You need a firm, smooth, protected work surface as the gel medium will penetrate the Lutradur. Wax paper or a teflon craft sheet work well.

1. Print desired image(s) onto transparency on any inkjet printer. Be sure to reverse the image before printing. Do this either in your photo-editing software or in the Printer commands.


2. Cut image from transparency and set next to work area, ink side down.


3. Brush soft gel medium onto Lutradur, covering an area the size of the image you are going to transfer. The trick is to evenly apply just the right amount. If you have applied too much, the inks may smear. If it's too dry, the inks won't transfer. To test for even application of medium on your surface, lightly smooth over the medium with your index finger, feeling for very dry or very wet areas. You want your finger to glide across the surface, but there should not be any excess medium build-up on your finger. If you have applied too much medium, just keep running your finger across it until it dries a bit. If it's too sticky/tacky, apply a bit more until your finger is gliding.


4. Place the inked side of the transparency onto the wet surface. The transparency will stick to the surface. If the surface is too wet, it may slide & smear. 


5. Starting in the center or focal point and working outwards to the edges, rub the transparency in a circular motion with the back of the spoon, using a medium to heavy pressure. (I put my thumb into the bowl of the spoon for added pressure.) Lift a corner of the transparency and check to see that everything has transferred to your liking.  You can continue to rub more, or remove the transfer if done. 


That's it! Let it dry and you're ready for the next step. You can transfer onto painted or plain Lutradur, over or under other art materials, and even burn into it later with your Creative Textile Tool. Heat gun techniques will not work, as the gel medium acts as a resist. See the book for more info on these other techniques. 


Tomorrow: TAP transfers


  1. That must be the best: to be inspiring and teaching and share enthusiasm! I will definately try this out and knowing myself purchase the book if I don’t win! 🙂

    Best regards from Eva Mari in Norway

  2. Chris Folmar says:

    I have been hearing many things about lutradur but couldn’t find any locally and never got around to ordering online. Today while brousing at Joannes fabrics I came across your book Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur
    I Immediately purchased it and was reading this tonight. Now I found your website and I’m thrilled.

  3. Fantastic post, Im now one of your feed followers

  4. Shannon Bartlett says:

    I just bought some lutradur at my local quilt shop. Hoping to get a chance to play with my digital grounds. Can’t wait to try it out.

  5. Wonderful work!! Your ideas are always so inspiring – I LOVE your use of fabrics – textures, colors, the balance of design – You are an amazing artist and it is wonderful that you share your techniques online!

  6. Barbara Stewart says:

    I guess the book has been won already but found this tutorial on transfer technique fascinating and cant wait to try it..Thank you it is most generous of you to share your knowledge…Barbara

  7. Sandra Mays-Collins says:

    I purchased lutradur last week and had the most wonderful time with watercolor and lutradur. The colors spreads and blends on the lutradur fibers like majic. Thank you for your wonderful articles.

  8. Mary Ann Broughton says:

    Leslie, your book sounds so exciting and your experimenting with Lutradur sounds so fascinating. I would love to learn Lutradur’s uses in my quilts and the journal with the snow-white pages that I’ve been afraid to paint, pen, decorate, etc.! And, thanks for the transfer tutorial !!!
    Mary Ann

  9. Maxine Cusster says:

    I loved the article in the latest Quilting Arts about the TAP, I have done lots of transfers but this sounds very exciting, can’t wait to try it on Lutrador which I already have. Thanks for all the wonderful information. Maxine

  10. Lynda Stone says:

    Hi Lesley,
    You make it look so easy that I really want to try it, if I can ever find my lutradur in this chaos that is my studio.

  11. I would love to add this book to my collection of reference books. I took your class in Artwerx and have been inspired by your fabric work.

  12. Teri Power says:

    Thank you for sharing your research. i look forward to your next post.
    Teri Power

  13. Hi Lesley
    I have been wanting to play with Lutradur, but haven’t had a chance to purchase it. I’d love to learn how to do these fabulous transfers, so I hope I win your book. I loved your QA Workshop segments!
    Jenny Williams

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    Thanks, Harriet

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  21. Carol Thompson says:

    this look slike a great new tool for transfers. Congrats on the book.

  22. Judy Haas says:

    Thank you Leslie for sharing this technique with your readers. I have yet to use my Lutrador and this looks like a good place to start. Judy

  23. cathy bargar says:

    Fantastic! I’ve ordered some TAP paper, I can hardly wait to try it. But if word gets out and it’s really this simple to make good transfers reliably, my work will lose some of its mystique!

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    Congratulations on your new book! My very best wishes to you.

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    Congratulations on your newest book ! It must be very exciting to take a product to the mass market. I’m sure you will meet the challenge. I look forward to reading the book & trying the techniques.
    Continued success to you !

  29. Lesley,
    This is so great – I’ve been printing on lutradur coated with digital ground, and I have used your TAP paper with great results, looks like I have some more work to do!
    Thanks, Heidi

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    Hi, congratulations.
    I admire your work for some time now. Thanks to you I grew so much. I would love to have this book to lern more.

  35. Hi Lelsie
    can I be in the running for a book?
    I never heard of Lutrader — but I’m curious about it.
    Great idea to have a show of Obama art. I am incredibly inspired by the inauguration and first week of his Presidency.
    Hope to see you at Art & Soul, VA.
    I’ll be in touch.
    Sas — writing from Berkeley, CA

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    Laura Gawlinski
    Andover MA

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    omigod. This book is on my must-get list. I’ve been collecting the stuff, afraid to get started. (like most things I collect). Your book is The Next Step! Yee-ha.
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    Well… have a great day!!!

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