Meet the Artists – Part 2/Day 1 of the Giveaway

WELCOME to DAY 2 of the kick off for my latest book, Creative Image Transfer: 16 New Mixed Media Projects Using TAP Transfer Artist Paper.

Over FIVE days I am introducing you to the 10 contributing artists and their thoughts and experience on working with TAP Transfer Artist Paper.

Some, like Seth Apter and Pam Carriker had never used TAP before. Lu Peters and Marie Z. Johansen are long-time users who can’t get enough of it. All 10 of the artists have shared their candid thoughts on TAP and the Aha! moments they had that will lead them to other ideas, inspiration and art. Complete instructions for all of their projects are in the book.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and LEAVE A COMMENT for a daily drawing for the book, TAP or BOTH.

The drawing begins on Tuesday, August 5 and ends on Sunday noon EST on August 10. Daily winners will be posted the following day. Enter each day for MORE chances to win!

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Today’s winner is #121 (generated by = LINDA HALE. Congratulations, Linda.

Linda will receive a copy of Creative Image Transfer AND a 5-sheet pack of TAP Transfer Artist Paper. If your name is not Linda Hale, feel free to enter again today for tomorrow’s drawing.


Sandy Lupton considers herself an “Art Class Junkie” who takes as many classes as she can – feeling that every experience adds to your art and to your life. She loves to experiment with new art supplies and loves to ask “what would happen if I do this?”

So that’s exactly what she did when I asked her to contribute a project for the book. She asked asked “What would happen if I TAPped on faux bone. Being a non-absorbent surface, faux bone was a bit trick, but Sandy did an amazing job and craft a wide selection of necklace pendants like the one here. (See the rest, with full instructions, in the book.)

Want to know more about faux bone? Read about her process:

TAP is so easy to use on paper and other porous surfaces. I especially love to print my artwork onto t-shirts with TAP! Since I was using Faux Bone for my projects it took a little trial and error.

Faux Bone is a nontoxic, flat PVC plastic that can be cut, filed, sanded, carved, drilled and more to make beautiful, lightweight jewelry. Because it has a very slick surface, using the traditional TAP heat process did not work as well as I liked.

I wanted to get consistent results each time, so I tried a number of different processes. I found that a cold transfer process gave me those consistent beautiful results each time! Now it is easy to transfer copies of your original artwork onto unique jewelry. This is something I have been trying to do for years, but until now, I could not find the right combination of materials.

TAP makes my mind spin! I want to put my artwork on everything! I’ve been working on a line of artfully embellished jeans, and I want to transfer TAP images on them. It surprises me how washable and soft the TAP transfers are on fabric. They also look especially delicious on sheer fabrics! It washes really well. The colors are vivid. TAP has infinite
Get more info and see her upcoming classes at the Art & Soul Retreat in VA on her website,
Pam Carriker is one of the most prolific artists I know. I was honored that she took the time and the challenge to work with TAP and create a project for the book.
Pam is known for her portraits and journaling with her stencils, so it was a natural leap to incorporate TAP into her own style.
TAP is very easy to use and I really loved how it worked in my project. It’s a great way to reuse your own sketches and artwork on other projects.

My ‘aha’ moment was when I realized I could do a reverse type painting. It was like baking a Pineapple Upside Down cake! Whatever was on the bottom would be what showed on top so I had to think a bit as to how I’d layer things and with text I had to be sure to flip it so it would read right. It was a fun little brain teaser!
I’m a big proponent for reusing your sketches in artwork and TAP makes this very easy to do! Tap also can be used on many different surfaces which expands the possiblitlies and it doesn’t leave a lot of extra ‘goo’ on your substrate like other transfer papers can.”
See more of Pam’s art and journaling at
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Coming up tomorrow: Fiber artist and surface designer, Lynn Krawczyk and photographer, Paula Bogdan.