Meet the Artists Part 3/ Day 2 of the Giveaway

WELCOME back to the kick off for my latest book, Creative Image Transfer: 16 New Mixed Media Projects Using TAP Transfer Artist Paper.

Over FIVE days I am introducing you to the 10 contributing artists and their thoughts and experience on working with TAP Transfer Artist Paper.

Some, like Seth Apter and Pam Carriker had never used TAP before. Lu Peters and Marie Z. Johansen are long-time users who can’t get enough of it. All 10 of the artists have shared their candid thoughts on TAP and the Aha! moments they had that will lead them to other ideas, inspiration and art. Complete instructions for all of their projects are in the book.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and LEAVE A COMMENT for daily drawings for the book, TAP or on Sunday – BOTH.

Drawings begin on Wednesday, August 6 and end on Sunday noon EST on August 10. Daily winners will be posted the following day. Enter each day for MORE chances to win!

(Be sure to check out yesterday’s post on artists Sandy Lupton and Pam Carriker.)

TODAY’S WINNER is random comment #40 – TAMMY KEENE. Congratulations Tammy!

(Fine Print: In case you’re wondering, for each winner drawing, I start where I left off at the previous day’s drawing, so everyone who comments in the span of time between the last drawing and the current onet is included. It’s a daily drawing for daily entries. That’s why you should come back and enter every single day!)



Paula Bogdan just retired from a long teaching career, which means she now has more time (and energy!) for her art. I don’t think she’s ever without a camera in her hand . It’s nice to see the world through her eyes on her blog and Instagram (@paulateach).

I love how she came up with the idea to TAP her photos and quotes on index cards. It immediately gave me the idea of creating the accompanying recipe box, Recipes for a Happy Life. Full instructions for her cards and my box are in the book.

Paula had plenty of good things to say about creating with TAP Transfer Artist Paper:
Using TAP was simple and sweet. For me, I found that once I set things up – iron, mat, etc. – I like to do multiple copies of a favorite image and then just play/experiment. I get quite lost in the process, with more “winners” than failures! Which leads to …

As I played, I found that I really like some sort of texture/lines behind my images. What led to the book’s project was simply looking around my art space and thinking, “What can I try next?” Old ledger paper, index cards (which I have plenty of being a teacher), you name it, I tried it.

I did a particularly sweet transfer of myself as a toddler, along with my mom, over ledger paper. It’s in a favorite journal waiting for some memories to be jotted down. I like being able to use family images and my own work in my journal without “ruining” the original. I also enjoy changing up the appearance/feel of the images…rather like photoshop! I also liked scratching into the backgrounds of my images [on the TAP paper before transferring] and creating various patterns and textures.

I’ve been thinking about light coming through images, thinking I’d like to somehow recreate summer’s light. I want to take my beach images and TAP them onto Lutradur and other sheer papers/material. Thinking along the lines of an accordion book sitting on a window sill…hmmmm.

I want to make use of my instagram images off the computer and becoming visible everyday. I’m very much a novice as far as stitching, but want to create some tiny wall hangings, incorporating texture…the sand, etc. I’m seeing a common theme here! Texture, texture, texture…And, as I’m typing this, I’m thinking tote bags with grids of images!

Three (great) reasons to use TAP:

1. It lends itself so well to experimentation and makes use of so many of the supplies I already have from acrylics to material to papers of all kinds. I really really like using my stuff. I’ve hoarded it for too long.

2. Instant gratification…the transfer process is easy, and when you lift the TAP…oh, it’s like opening a gift!

3. I can leverage my own artwork from my photos to copies of my journal pages….transferring, cutting, rearranging, etc. to make something new from something old!”

Don’t forget to check out Paula’s instagram photos and blog!


Lynn is a coffee addict wonderful and talented surface designer, fiber artist and writer. Perhaps you have seen her articles in Quilting Arts Magazine?

In her own words, “I’ve spent the last fourteen years exploring every facet of fiber art before finding the sweet spot that makes my artist heart feel home: surface design and collage. I print fabric because it’s the most honest part of my day, when paint meets fabric and a piece of artwork begins to build. It’s a simple act that is true and the definition of who I really am.”

I’ve never known Lynn to back off from a challenge and I was right. She jumped on the opportunity to add TAP Transfer Artist Paper to her repertoire.

TAP is *extremely* easy to use! I think one of the reasons is because it has so many options of how to print on it, you don’t have to use just an inkjet printer. I love using markers on it, it’s really cool to be able to customize your transfer with your own artwork.

It’s really user friendly, super hard to mess up the transfer itself, so it’s a hard worker. It can also be used on a lot of different surfaces, which I really like. As a mixed media artist, I like that I can use a tool in several different projects.

TAP has been used in so many different projects, I like that there are so many examples. It’s easy to imagine it working in your own project when you see it so wildly applied by many different artists.

Please visit Lynn’s website at

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