One or More Art Mediums?

one or more art mediumsOne or more art mediums, that is the question. Should you stick with one art medium or is it OK to work in many mediums? As The Clash sang in 2004, “Should I stay or should I go now?”

Many of the women I work with express dismay or disappointment with themselves because they feel they flit from one thing to another. They believe that if they were a “real” artist, or serious about their work, that they should stick with just one thing. Is that true?

My answer is, it depends on your personal and/or professional goals and intentions for your art and creative expression.

Reasons to stay with one art medium:

Develop a strong artistic voice
Gain a deeper knowledge of your medium and materials
Gain mastery of your medium
Peer acceptance and recognition
Create a body of work and portfolio for gallery and/or show acceptance
Create an identity and following in the marketplace
You absolutely love what you do

Reasons to stray and explore other art mediums:

To continue to find your artistic voice
A need to stretch or grow your established voice
Professional aspirations or desires are not yours (at this time)
You prefer a broad knowledge and range vs a single deep one
You create for pleasure and like to explore a variety of things

Based on these reasons, the right thing for you to do is to choose the right thing for YOU. Your creativity should always be a guilt-free zone. If you want to be multi-creative, by all means, go for it. 

I’ll turn it over to you now. Did I miss any reasons for staying or going? Let me know. And if you find this helpful, please let me know that too…and share it with a friend! Sharing links are below.

P.S. Starting with this post, I am going on a summer blogging schedule. I will publish a blog post every other week until September 2017. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, enjoy your summer!


Image by Jan Hamstra.