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Compose+Yourself is for you if you:

  • create
  • crave answers    
  • enjoy learning
  •  are new to the studio nest      
  • are just beginning to spread your artistic wings          
  • have been flying around the studio a while
  • love to make stuff      
  • aspire to make better stuff       
  • want to feel more sure about what you’re doing       
  • need to know how to make your art wrongs right
  • long to feel more confident      
  • wished you’d gone to art school      
  • feel a need for some basic art education      
  • seek clear direction      
  • enjoy the structure and freedom an online class provides

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Format: Web Seminar Download

Length: 60-90 minutes

Teaching mixed-media is similar to creating mixed media or any art – you use your skills and talent to combine many things into a balanced and cohesive whole. This webinar will give you the tools and insight you need to engage participants create a classroom experience as successful as the art you create. You’ll hear things you may know and discover things you never thought of!

The goal of this web seminar is to help you combine your art skills, knowledge, personality, and style into classes that your students will love, recommend, and want more of. Successful teaching is not just about sharing the how-to. The art of teaching includes a myriad of behind-the-scenes actions, that, if done well, a student is never even aware of – they just know they are happy and learning what they came to learn.

Lesley has been teaching mixed media art classes for over 17 years, from Artfest to Australia, local shops to international events and now online. She will share her personal stories (such as arriving to set up an hour before class only to find her classroom had no tables or chairs) and her insight and wisdom from years of ‘in the trenches’ experience.


  • The one most important (but often overlooked skill) you need to have to be a successful mixed media teacher
  • Your two most necessary outside-the-classroom actions
  • The Eight Ps (plus a couple of Cs) of mixed media teaching
  • How to get started if you’ve never taught
  • Important lessons Lesley learned the hard way
  • pros & cons checklist to help you make the decision to teach

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An 8-Step Artist Success Action Program Overview

Format: Web Seminar Download

Length: 60-90 minutes

You’ll love this if:

  • You have a passion for art and want to be successful at what you love
  • You are having trouble starting and launching your business
  • You’ve hit many road blocks in your business and are not sure where to go next


Have you had an uphill battle in getting going on that dream you envision for your art business? Have you attended many classes and workshops, read books and magazines and are still not where you want to be? Perhaps you’ve tried and hit roadblocks or, worse yet, rejection, and you’re not getting any help in figuring it out.

If you’ve been stuck in limbo, hit a plateau, or haven’t been motivated to get it done, this QUICK START ASAP (Artist Success Action Program) is just right for you! Learn the logical steps to follow and discover what makes sense for you right now, what’s realistic, and how to start.  

Learn the tools you need to create your future as a successful artist.  Find the importance of having a schedule, where to find your audience, and how to execute your plan with Lesley Riley. Define your unique talents that set you apart from the rest of the crowd and put yourself out there. Find your confidence and be successful in your artistic career today. The first steps is easy—download this web seminar today!


  • How to make time for your art, eliminate roadblocks and distractions, and make an action plan that you can really stick to!
  • Practical tips for setting a great working schedule and creating goals that will motivate you
  • Methods for discovering your voice and style and ways to leave perfectionism behind when it’s holding you back
  • The best ways to build your confidence, present yourself successfully, and find the audience you’re looking for

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Learn to create image transfers from the Transfer Queen, Lesley Riley. In this video class, Lesley will teach you how to transfer images on a variety of surfaces using TAP Transfer Artist Paper™.

Once you learn the basic technique, Lesley will share her tips and tricks for transferring images onto fabric, paper, copper sheeting, wood, and even polymer clay! As a bonus, Lesley will provide you images and text to print out from your class handout, so you can get started transferring right away!

62 minute video class

$29 – Instand Access