How To Find Time For Art

 Time flies…whether you’re having fun or not, right? So how are we supposed to find time for art?!  The clock says you’ve run out of time. You lay down for the night to rest your body but your mind is still ticking. You didn’t find time for art today…or the laundry or the grocery store. […]

Conquer Your To Do List For More Creative Time

Today, as promised, I provide you with a 10-step action plan to CONQUER YOUR TO DO LIST– designed to dissolve the glue of the to-do and escape the Creativity Gap.  A To-Do list that never sees any action keeps you stuck right where you are. The point of a To-Do list is to outline steps you need […]

Creativity and Your To Do List

What is the connection between creativity and your to do list?  In a nutshell, to do or not to do, that is the question! I’ve got the answer. 🙂 There’s always a lot of talk about keeping a to-do list. Here’s how to handle it. The night before, or the morning of, write down what […]

Does this (F)Word Ruin Your Day?

After a long and busy day in the studio, I sat across from my husband at the dinner table, sighed and said, “I’ve been flitting all day. I got a lot done, but nothing feels complete because I flitted from one thing to another.” Flitting that’s the (F)Word that is ruining my day. Or is […]

Present Time Post #23

Today I have discovered there are two ways of being in present time: 1. Confused about what to do, stops and starts, going around in circles, questioning, over-thinking or being too flustered to think straight. (That was my morning) 2. Taking action, one step at a time; moving forward; completing one cycle and then starting […]

Source of Inspiration

What is it about my obsession with quotes? I have been collecting them since I was 13 and using them in my art for over 10 years. A quote is a wisdom sound bite about life. The quotes in my collection ring true for me. They open my eyes to what is real, what is genuine, provide […]

Organization is Everything

It’s great to launch a new website. It’s great to HAVE a new website when you are getting ready to be a vendor at the largest International Quilt Market & Festival on the planet. What’s NOT good is trying to keep my promise to you that I will be more present and accounted for online […]