Paint Mojo – A (Story) Book Review

I waited a few days to open my new book, Tracy Verdugo’s Paint Mojo, because I wanted time to savor it. As I sat down in my big comfy, new chair, purchased just for afternoon reading breaks, I thought to myself, “I’m snuggling in here like I’m about to read a storybook, not a craft book.” I had to remind myself that this was a how-to book – pictures, techniques, great art.

I was beyond thrilled to discover that it really is a storybook. Tracy has done what so few artists are permitted (by their publishers) to do, and that is to teach and share her inspiration and process in story form as much as step-by-step technique. Did I say I was thrilled?

I “met” Tracy back in June 2012 when I interviewed her for Art & Soul Radio. Listen here: Tracy Verdugo: Art & Soul Radio

Back then the book was just a seed of an idea. To me it was inevitable.

Fast forward two years, almost to the day and the book is now in our hands. Tracy’s across the ocean in her home of Australia, mine here near the Atlantic ocean, and many others in between, over and Down Under.

I want to say that Tracy takes the mystery out of expressive painting for us practical realists, but in actuality she teaches us by her words and examples, how to access our own paint mojo. And it’s really quite easy.

A large part of it is just being open to the artwork and tracy opens to door to that for us. 16 contributors (most names you will recognize) add their own insight into the creative process making this a rich storybook indeed.

And did I say it was full of juicy-colored art by Tracy and her contributors? Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

Lisa Sonora Beam’s recipe for artful travel
Tracy’s palette print method
painting a memory
unfolding dreams with Louise Gale

It’s an experience I tell ya, a refreshing approach to a how-to book and serves double-duty for artists who love to read – even if you don’t think you want to be a painter. Get it.

Tracy Verdugo is an Australian painter who employs mixed media techniques to create bright, contemporary and abstract painting that are truly magical. They just draw you in. Tracy’s art is a true representation of her personality and character. Coming to art and painting later in life, at the age of 33, Tracy quickly learned how to truly create art that reflects her soul. I’m not the only one drawn to it – people are clamoring for her classes in both Australia and the US.

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