Please Help Me While I’m Gone (there could be something in it for you)

Remember when your teacher was going to be out for a day and she made up a few worksheets for the substitute to hand out while she was gone? (Life was so simple back then, wasn’t it?)

So since I’m going to be away teaching and exploring in New Zealand for two weeks, I thought I would give you an “assignment” to complete while I’m gone. But unlike a sheet of long division problems, sentences to diagram or maps to color in, this will be a fun assignment because there is a chance to win a reward for doing your work.  Gold stars for everyone! No, really, everyone who completes this assignment will be entered to win this BONANZA of 3 prizes:

This could be yours!

1. This glorious and unique handmade (by me), expandable Travel Journal. What makes it so special? The pages are hand-painted and removable so you need only carry around a few pages each day, not the whole journal. (A $200 value)

What's a journal without pencils?

2. A brand new set of 18 Caran D’Ache Supracolor Soft Aquarelle Pencils (a $40 value)


Great for transfering onto paper as well as fabric.

3. A 10 sheet package of TAP (a $22 value)

Is that enough? Are you willing to help me for a chance to win? But what if you don’t win this mega-prize? I’ve got that covered too! I’m also going to give away 2 – $20 Amazon gift certificates.

So there you have it. Three chances to win. And all I am asking you to do is to fill out a short, 9 question survey. It should only take you 1 or 2 minutes. Are you game?  Actually, there are only 8 questions, because question #9 is your name and email so I can notifiy you if you are one of the winners. It’s even an optional question – you don’t have to provide your name or email. But if you don’t, then I can’t contact you. And you know you’re going to win, right? This is your lucky year, isn’t it?

I want to thank you in advance. This will really be helpful to me in taking the next step in my as yet unveilednew project. I’ll be back Sunday night January 24th and will announce the winners on the blog on Tuesday, January 26th –  after I recover from jet lag. Anyone who completes the survey by noon January 26 (EST) is eligible. Please feel free to pass this along to your friends. I’d love it if you would Tweet it, announce it on Facebook, link to it on your blog. The more responses I get the better. Thank you, thank you.

Are you ready? Click here to take survey

Journal pages

Juicy colored journal pages


  1. Great journal pages!!

  2. I took the survey and will facebook it too. 🙂

  3. I’m really glad I stumbled upon your blog post. I was searching for blogs about New Zealand and up popped your website. I enjoyed your post and have bookmarked it, so I can come back and read more later. Cheers.

  4. Neat survey, I filled it out. Thanks for having the contest, would love to win.

  5. Oh, I would be so happy to win any of the possiblities.

    I completed the survey. Some introspection required for a few of the answers… good for me as well as you!

  6. I tried to take your survey but was unable. It just came up with a thank you for doing the survey. i really did try.

  7. I tried to subscribe to news letter, but it would not accept my email as valid, help?