Levels of Importance

  Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, the show I don’t watch that follows the one I do,  Sunday Morning, called this the ‘week from hell and back’ for out nation. “Yes,” I thought, “another reminder that the universe is so much bigger, so much more complex, than my own little world here on the farm. […]

Present Time Post #24

Very hard time of it today. Too focused on the past and future: “Did I do anything wrong on my 2009 and 2011 taxes?” (I hope I have all the proof & receipts they ask for.) “How will the audit go tomorrow?” (Why pick on the self-employed little people?) “How am I going to get […]

Present Time Post #23

Today I have discovered there are two ways of being in present time: 1. Confused about what to do, stops and starts, going around in circles, questioning, over-thinking or being too flustered to think straight. (That was my morning) 2. Taking action, one step at a time; moving forward; completing one cycle and then starting […]

Present Time Post #22

Constant Discovery I was led to this beautiful term by a sequence of web-based occurrences today that began with a Facebook notification of an old friend’s birthday. FB → a website → Amazon → another book → another website → this quote: This unknowable life is a mirror that allows us to discover the truth — not by beliefs, or concepts, […]

Present Time Post #21

Today the present moment dragged on and on and on… I’ve been in Kansas City since Wednesday. I woke this morning at 3:45 AM to get to the airport for my 6 AM flight. I never take early morning flights, but this time it seemed like a good idea. The 6 AM flight got me […]

Present Time Post #20

I made this tiny paper doll in a class with The Oiseaux Sisters back in May 2006. It’s one of my most cherished pieces. I wrote in my blog post that the weekend was “a chance to explore, to renew, to discover and to refill.” Do you ever take a class or have a weekend getaway and […]

Present Time Post #19

  As I mentioned yesterday, I am clearing out a room – 75% boxes of book, 25% art stuff. The bonus is that I get to go through the boxes of books before I shelve them in my husband’s office. It’s like meeting up with long lost friends. (Which also happens to be what I’m […]

Present Time Post #18

  Today was a wonderful continuation of yesterday’s calm demeanor. I love this! The question is: am I just going through a no stress, no out-of-the-blue problem period or is this calm, “no-worries” mindset actually taking hold and creating a new beingness for me? I’m cleaning out the room where I dumped all my stuff when […]

Present Time Post #17

I am noticing changes in my behavior and my thinking. Some big, some subtle and some frustrating. Sometimes I try too hard to get out of my head and stop thinking. This only leads to me getting upset with myself. And then I realize that I am not really in present time. You can’t be […]

Present TIme Post #16

Easter basket circa 1958   Too busy living in the present moment(s) of Easter to post yesterday. But I’m HERE NOW. – – – – –