Modern Memory Quilts DVD

You’ll love this if:

  • You want to create memory quilts that shine the spotlight on vintage or contemporary photography.
  • You want to learn more about art quilt composition with expert tips from artist Lesley Riley. 
  • You are looking for free-form piecing, facing, and framing techniques to add to your repertoire. 

Tell stories through quilting.
Combine memories, photo transfers, and crazy piecing to make unique and personal art quilts. 

Take your family photographs out of the drawer they’ve been hiding in and allow them to take center stage in your next art quilt. Internationally-know artist Lesley Riley will teach you how to tell stories in fabric using image transfers, improvisational piecing, and more in her new Quilting Arts Workshop™ DVD Modern Memory Quilts. Lesley shares photo editing hints in Adobe® Photoshop® that will freshen up an old family photograph. Then, she introduces Lesley Riley’s TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper, a unique product she developed that allows you to transfer the photo to fabric in a few easy steps. Now the fun begins! Unlock all of the possibilities this process has to offer as you audition a variety of compositions and experiment with improvisational piecing, or what she calls “really crazy quilting”. 

Order your copy of Modern Memory Quilts with Lesley Riley today to:

  • Break out of your quilting comfort zone! Add photography, free-form piecing, and so much more to your next creation.
  • Create your own fabric designs to use as the focal point in your art quilt or as background fabric with Transfer Artist Paper.
  • Explore the limitless possibilities of design and compositionby experimenting with fabric choices, layout, and quilting. 
  • Discover “really crazy quilting”-Lesley’s technique of improvisational piecing that results in a unique look because there is no planning required!
  • And more!

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