Reverse Alphabet Stamps

Exclusively at* 

*As seen in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine Dec 2015

Designed by Lesley Riley for printmaking process where reverse or mirror-image text is required:

Gelli plate printing
Gelatin plate printing
TAP Transfer Artist Paper transfers
and more!

Click-together Pegz stamps
can be joined to create words or used individually for fast stamping of text. 
Set includes a full alphabet plus all punctuation marks, a plus and a minus/dash sign.
How do they work? Watch Carolyn Dube’s video and see!

*(SHOPS! Please inquire for wholesale orders)



  1. Linda

    I’ve now had a chance try these out. The first thing you notice about these stamps is how well made they are. I love that the peg system makes it impossible to put the individual stamps together the wrong way. It’s great that the individual stamps will connect vertically and horizontally so several lines of text are possible. I ran into problems quickly though when I didn’t have enough letters to construct the words I wanted to use. There is only one of each letter in the set so you are restricted to words where there is only single use of a particular letter. To fully exploit the potential of the stamps, multiples of commonly used letters are required. I also found the size of the letters was a little small for what I had in mind (gelli printed journal pages). I found that I didn’t get clear impressions of the letters when I pressed them into the gelli plate. More experimentation needed here. They worked better when I used them more as a texture than as specific text. I currently have a broken elbow so am unable to do more experimenting at the moment, but I am looking forward to using these stamps more when I can.

  2. Christina

    Two sets better than one when doing words with repeats, i.e creativity? Love the idea as well as playing with my gelli plates. Looking forward to playing.

    • Lesley Riley

      Yes! Two sets makes life easier, Tina.

  3. Linda

    These stamps look ideal for gelli plate printing. The possibilities are endless! I just wish they were available here in Australia. I’d happily review the if I could just get my hands on them!

  4. ethel

    I’d love to try something new to me-such a great idea!!

  5. Debby

    I think the reverse alphabet stamps are a great idea and asset to art journaling and using the gelli plate in books.

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