Hold on to that feeling

Advance copies of my next book, Creative Lettering Workshop: Combining Art with Quotes in Mixed Media, arrived yesterday.   I don’t have to tell you how excited I am. Pre-order your copy now on Amazon and be sure to save your receipt – (Amazon does that for you, too) for a juicy art supply giveaway […]

Considering a Personal Retreat? -Read This First

A personal retreat is where the expected meets the unexpected. Before I left I wrote down my intentions and daily schedule for the 3-day retreat. It’s always good to have a framework from which to leap, a place to return to when lost or confused. Just as I suspected, allowing for the possibility of leaps, wandering and detours is […]

Lessons from a Square Cloud

  I looked up as we were traveling and there it was, this square cloud. I don’t ever remember seeing a cloud with such a pronounced geometric shape, like it jut emerged from a box. Clouds are uncontainable. They do their own thing. Organic by nature, they cannot be bound and know no limits. I’m the […]

The Declaration of YOU!

The Declaration of You, published by North Light Craft Books and available now, gives readers all the permission they’ve craved to step passionately into their lives, discover how they and their gifts are unique and uncover what they are meant to do! This post is part of The Declaration of You’s BlogLovin’ Tour, which I’m thrilled to participate in alongside […]

Buried Treasure

Welcome to my blast from the past. I am participating in Seth Apter’s Buried Treasure Post: The premise is simple. On Wednesday, June 12th all participating bloggers will re-post one (or more) of their favorite posts that ever appeared on their blog. I believe in synchronicity, which is why I chose these two post from just […]

Present Time Post #22

Constant Discovery I was led to this beautiful term by a sequence of web-based occurrences today that began with a Facebook notification of an old friend’s birthday. FB → a website → Amazon → another book → another website → this quote: This unknowable life is a mirror that allows us to discover the truth — not by beliefs, or concepts, […]

Present Time Post #20

I made this tiny paper doll in a class with The Oiseaux Sisters back in May 2006. It’s one of my most cherished pieces. I wrote in my blog post that the weekend was “a chance to explore, to renew, to discover and to refill.” Do you ever take a class or have a weekend getaway and […]

Present Time Post #17

I am noticing changes in my behavior and my thinking. Some big, some subtle and some frustrating. Sometimes I try too hard to get out of my head and stop thinking. This only leads to me getting upset with myself. And then I realize that I am not really in present time. You can’t be […]

Present TIme Post #10

Sedona Moonrise The only place joy can be found is right here and right now. A quote from Seth Godin’s blog today. He read my mind. – – – – –

Present Time Post #3

Asking for a Sign   A week ago, Sunday, we were walking down the lane and a white dove landed at my feet. I said to my husband, “That’s a sign if I ever saw one.” It actually allowed me to get quite close. He followed us up the road to the barn and perched […]