Stencil Girl & Me = Stencils + TAP


What a fabulous idea – combining two of the hottest products on the market – STENCIL GIRL STENCILS & TAP Transfer Artist Paper. Join the one and only STENCIL GIRL,  Mary Beth Shaw & me, plus nine talented artists (see list below) as we share our art, ideas and inspiration during this week long blog hop.

Read on as I share my biggest Aha moment from my TAPtastic stencilfest. And did I mention there’s a big GIVEAWAY


After fabric, wood is my favorite surface to transfer onto. Because it is difficult to transfer onto freshly painted wood, I like to use acrylic spray inks to stain and color the wood before TAPping. Rather than spray the box, this time I decided to use my Dylusions spray inks directly on the TAP. I set the Wheel in the Sky stencil on a sheet of TAP and sprayed. I was a little heavy handed with them so I used another sheet of TAP on top of my wet stencil and got a reverse print. After that dried, I ran the TAP through my printer to add the words, Lost & Found Objects. (Always print text in reverse for transfers.) That one sheet of TAP, with the stencilled ink and text was then transferred to a Walnut Hollow Keepsake Box. Walnut Hollow makes the best wood for transfers!

TIP:  The polymer on the TAP paper encapsulates the non-permenant, water-soluble Dylusions inks and makes them permanent and waterproof.

I have a 99% success rate when transferring onto wood, but this time, I lost a bit of the transfer. That was more than a happy accident, because it added to my plan – distressing the box. Who want’s a perfect box for their (lost) and found objects?



My next idea was to create one of my signature journals. I love this 4×4 mini Downward Stairs StencilGirl stencil that I received from StencilGirl artist Jamie Fingal at our Dinner@8 dinner at Quilt Festival. The minute I saw it I knew I was going to use it on one of my journals. 

I carefully centered and repeated the stencil across the bottom of a sheet of TAP using StazOn ink. Then I got a BRILLIANT (to me!) idea – copy my careful work onto ANOTHER sheet of TAP. Then I leapfrogged to printing the text, BE. HOLD. WONDER. (in reverse, always) on the copied sheet. I masked off a corner of the Hearts, Flowers & More to stencil the heart arrows (with StazOn) around the text on this printed copy. AND THEN! I copied that completed design onto ANOTHER sheet of TAP so that I could do multiples. 


I was on a roll! I grabbed my 9×12″ Art is Good for You stencil. Using my limited palette of PanPastels, I stenciled it onto a sheet of  TAP.  (Did I mention how well the 9×12″ stencils fit on the 8.5×11″ sheets of TAP?) I scanned my completed color stencil, reduced it to 5×7″ and printed two (in reverse) on one sheet of TAP. 

To spice things up, I sprayed inks onto a piece of canvas and let it dry. Then I ironed the reduced copy of Art is Good for You onto the canvas.


I’ve used stencils before (who hasn’t?) but never directly on TAP. I’m thrilled that Mary Beth had the brilliant insight to combine the two. 

I’m excited to see what the other artists have come up with. The more I use TAP, the more ways I find to use it. The more people that use TAP, the more new uses for it are multiplied tenfold. So TAP on and send me photos of your TAP projects. I’d love to see what you create. You may also want to check out and follow my Made with TAP Pinterest Board for even more ideas and ways to TAP.


Details on the StencilGirl + TAP blog hop happening this week:

Do you want to try TAP and Stencil Girl Stencils too? Leave a comment to win a fabulous pack that will get you started – stencils, a package of TAP Transfer Artist Paper AND my new book, Creative Image Transfer

All comments left on ALL POSTS are eligible to win,
but one comment per post please. 
Giveaway closes on Sunday November 16 (my birthday!!!)
at 11:59 PM Central Time.

Start today! Monday, Nov 10, 2014
Mary Beth Shaw

Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014
Mary Nasser
Gwen Lafleur 

Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014
Janet Joehlin 

Thursday, Nov 13, 2014
Kirsten Reed 
Linda Kittmer
Julia Kellogg 

Friday Nov 14, 2014
Carolyn Dube
Maria McGuire

 But wait…there’s more!

Did you know that as of September 30, 2014 over 100,000 packages of TAP have been sold! If you haven’t TAPped yet you are missing out!


INSTRUCTIONAL TAP VIDEO – TAP on all surfaces at CraftArtEdu.

PURCHASE TAP*, TAP Books and more in my shop HERE or from C&T HERE.

*TAP comes in 5, 18 and 100 sheet packs. Get the 100 sheet classroom packs from C&T (link above). 



  1. Carolyn Higgins says:

    This post delighted me this afternoon. After a long slog through graduate school, getting my youngest through the college admission process, and numerous other life events, I’m seriously digging back into my creative life. Time to get back to using my TAP, time to explore new materials (Dylusions spray ink? Bring it!) Thanks so much for another inspiring post, Lesley.

  2. So cool to learn how TAP reacts with ink sprays to become permanent. Wow! Inspiration overload! An extremely versatile product…I love the fact that it can be used on many surfaces and yields great effects. So glad to cross paths with you again via StencilGirl. I gotta get my hands on some TAP, pronto! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    msmith2illustration (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Great projects! Can’t wait to try TAP!

  4. Wow!
    I love your Lost and Found box!

  5. I think you just officially blew my mind on all levels with your ideas and creativity. An example: Using Dylusions with TAP – they become permanent – WOW!! Thanks for the multitude of ideas, techniques and the blog hop chance at a giveaway!

  6. This week has been a blast! Lots of lovely ideas. Wish I had known about the stencils when I ordered my TAP last week.

  7. That looks like so much fun. I love the tip with the Dylusions. When you first mentioned it my head said “oh, no, it will run”. So glad to know those great colors CAN be used. Wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  8. Kelly Jackson says:

    Lesley I just love seeing all that you are creating with your amazing TAP paper. I have made logos and ironed them onto different clothing items using your TAP paper. Recently I was telling a private school parents group about TAP because they wanted to make some personalized items for their Spirit Shop.


  9. Love these projects! I never transferred on wood before, I have to try that! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  10. Beth Figiel says:

    Oh MY Gosh, you have a 99% success rate with photo transfers onto wood. Then I reread your name and realized your the Author of book & the product. I have tried EVERY way to do a image transfer that I have heard of (except the deodorant one) with very little success. So YES I NEED your book Creative Image Transfer & your product TAP. Thanks for the giveaway & your inspiration.
    Thanks. Beth Figiel

  11. These are great ideas, Lesley. Thanks for the opportunity to win the products. Happy Birthday!

  12. I love these stencils and what you did with them. I am so happy you had my e-mail.

  13. Happy Birthday to you. Love what you created and it certainly is inspirational. I’d love to win this kit and create with it. Looks like loads of fun.


  14. What a great idea! That’s why I love these bloghops. There is so much information out there. Thanks for another opportunity to learn.

  15. Helen Markee says:

    I love your projects!! thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. I have used TAP and stencils and am excited to try them together! Thanks for the tips.

  17. Margaret Hunt says:

    really enjoyed the use of stencils and TAP, looks really exciting,
    thank you Lesley

  18. I have never heard of TAP until finding this site! I am intrigued and would love to win this fabulous giveaway! Thank you for a chance! I am new to the world of art and would love to try this out- I know I would love it!

  19. I love your lost & found box! Enjoy your birthday week!

  20. sue markley says:

    Great ideas with stencils…like the canvas bag and photo transfer of Gwen’s niece.

  21. Jo Vandermey says:

    I have enjoyed a preview copy of you tap book. I hope to begin tapping and try all the techniques you suggested in the book. After doing this with your book on Lutrdur I have added so much to my artist technique box. I love your encouragement to try and create new ways to use this great product.
    Jo Vandermey

  22. Love the idea of stencils and Tap…

  23. I love the idea of stencils and AP, must order some…never used TAP before…

  24. Amante del Papel says:

    I love your idea! is amazing!

  25. Penny Munson says:

    Love the ideas using TAP and the great stencils-thanks!

  26. Kristy Tyra says:

    Cool! Stencils are the greatest!

  27. I’m going to try my TAP on a board I primed with acrylic paint & imit. gold leaf. Thanks for the chance to win a GREAT prize & happy birthday Sunday!

    • Lesley Riley says:

      Hi Cindy. Unless the paint has cured for several days, you may have trouble. Heating acrylic paint melts it into a gooey mess. And the leaf may also prefer sticking to the hot polymer rather than the board.

      Please test on a small sample before ruining your board.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog hop!

  28. So many great projects! I want to try TAP & stencils on some unpainted wood panels that have been patiently waiting on the shelf for just this thing. Thanks for the idea.

  29. Oh my, I need these! I am going right now to follow your Made With Tap Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration. These are so lovely and unique. I hope I win!

  30. Jinx Engstrom says:

    I finally have a package of TAP. I have ideas brewing and now the stenciling directly on tap is making the brew bubble. Thanks for the ideas. Jinx

  31. Marina Kitto says:

    Just got my first packet of TAP and am having a good play on fabric and paper. It won’t be my last packet 😉

  32. I dream to try TAP it’s seems so marvelous!

  33. John Hutchens says:

    great idea

  34. Awesome combo. Love the wood box idea too.
    My next project!



  36. I’ve never used TAP but would love to try.

  37. Hey Leslie I’ve probably read about doing transfers with TAP but I’ve never seen it for sale in the local craft stores so I haven’t tried using it yet. It sounds like a fun product. I will watch the videos and hopefully get some ideas from them. I’m more of a painter than a crafter. When I transfer a drawing I use pencil on the back of the paper. Old school I know.

  38. Laura Strack says:

    Oh Lesley, I love how your canvas turned out; So very pretty. I am off to go watch the TAP videos. I want to see how this stuff works!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway. I would love to try a transfer for the first time 🙂

  39. wow. TAP looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing the process. I love the box. The colour and the old look is pretty.

  40. I have never used TAP and I am so excited to try it with stencils. Thanks for videos. I’d like to try it.

  41. Would love to try TAP… it looks like there are lots of versatile possibilities!

  42. Lesley–just love the different ways you used TAP. Has my mind whirling with new ideas 🙂 Love that we get to showcase stencils and TAP together this week!

  43. Susan Gantz says:

    I have some TAP purchased at Artistic Artifacts. IT’s probably about a year old. How long does it last?? It’s still in the sealed envelope.

  44. Love your use of stencils on TAP. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  45. I am so excited to try TAP. I have used stencils before, and combining them sounds like Nirvana.

  46. HelenRae Tarantino says:

    I have never tried TAP but now I will have to try it! Thanks for explaining it so well!

  47. Susan Schultheis says:

    I have never used TAP and I am so excited to try it with stencils. I am going to watch all the videos and be ready to try it out.

  48. Thank you so much for the link to the Pinterest board! What gorgeous ideas! I have never used stencils with TAP, and I would love to try this. Thanks and Happy Birthday Lesley!

  49. I am always up for trying something new that stretches my creativity! This looks like a ton of fun! ***Happy Birthday to you!

  50. Denise Spillane says:

    Wow, this is fun! I was just out searching my quilt stores for some. Love your post and the links. This is going to be a fun link.

  51. sue markley says:

    Looking forward to all this week has to offer! Great ideas coming!

  52. I have a package of TAP but haven’t used it yet. Now I will thanks for the multiple ideas! I’m excited to try it.

  53. OOPS! forgot to leave my email!

    alhrobkin (at) aol (dot com)

  54. Love stencils and love making transfers. Have used TAP for some time now. You mention making copies–I am assuming these are laser/toner copies? Of course, with TAP, they could be digital. Is it either? Both?

    • Lesley Riley says:

      Nan, all of my copies were done onto the TAP transfer paper which is designed for an inkjet printer only.

  55. That is so cool! I need to check out TAP. Would love to try it!

  56. What a wonderful idea! I have not had the pleasure of using TAP and look forward to trying this out.

  57. Sounds like a fun project using great materials. Thank you for the chance to win!

  58. Rhonda Davis says:

    Haven’t tried TAP yet but winning would be the push I need to try it out!!! Not to mention stencils too…I love stencils!!!

  59. carmelle Tidd says:

    I haven’t used TAP yet, but these ideas certainly make it more interesting to try. I would be thrilled to win the package…Good luck to all who enter.

  60. Gilda (mcstamper) says:

    Have admired your art forever. Love to see you inspiring us with Stencil Girl. Wonderful ideas.

  61. Susan Chesley says:

    Stencils + TAP = A match made in Heaven! That’s what I think!

  62. Loving this blogpost. So interesting and fascinating what you can do with TAP and stencils. I would LOVE to try this myself. Looking forward to all the posts this week.

  63. What fun ideas. Can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing.

  64. Wow that is some cute stuff!!!

  65. the box is lovely! love TAP!

  66. Marguerite Harty says:

    Looks very cool.. it’s only day one of this blog hop and I know I must get a package or two of TAP.. to go with my Stencil Girl Stencils. Can’t wait for day 2 -5 to see what everyone else has created!!

  67. Mary Helen in OR says:

    I love the layering!! Just took a class where we used linoleum block printing with gel printing. TAP is a perfect medium for layering this new art. Thanks for the post.

  68. glory mooberry says:

    Stencils and TAP – ooooh sounds like heaven. And happy birthday to you, Lesley!

  69. marie garot says:

    Just getting interested in TAP and this shows lots of new ideas.

  70. Your projects are awesome! I was a little nervous about transferring for my project, so I just used my printer. But I LOVE the idea of stenciling directly onto the TAP and then transferring. I’m going to have to try this soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

  71. I’m working on a Potomac Fiber Arts Guild grant to create the tools of a working artist, interact with the Sandy Spring Museum’s collections and create my first art exhibit of surface designed fabrics. I’m working on integrating shapes and designs from artifacts, photos and documents to interpret history. TAP is like a dream come true for this work! I just got my TAP paper and your book this past week. Love it!!! Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas:-)

    • Lesley Riley says:

      Diane, how wonderful that TAP appeared in your life just wine you needed it. Please keep me posted on your progress and let me know if I can answer any questions.

  72. Shari Czerwinski says:

    I am thankful for this hop, since I had never heard of TAP! Great projects and tutorials – Thanks!

  73. Jeannie Barnes says:

    I have a package of TAP and have never used it. I need to pull that out and give it a try!

  74. what great ideas! thanks for the chance to win. sltresso at hotmail dot com

  75. Hi. Am anxious to learn more about TAP. For me the links on this page didn’t work.

    When you say print backwards um I know how to do that with stencils but not in a printer. So I either can’t read, interpret, or think!


    • Lesley Riley says:

      Sorry about the Links, Tommy. They all do work so perhaps try another browser?
      You can easily print in reverse through your printer. Depending on the model, click PRINT, then PROPERTIES, then look for a box to check that may say, mirror image, flip horizontal or some such. Also just google your printer make and model, plus the words print in reverse and you should find it that way.

  76. Denise Mariano says:

    Just bought my first pack of TAP this week. I can’t wait to begin creating!

  77. TAP has been on my wishlist for ever so long. Your instructions make these great projects seem so simple….AND I love finding new ways to use stencils.

  78. Denise Huntington says:

    I love how you created each of these three different projects using TAP! Can you use a laser printer for the transfers or does it have to be ink jet only?

  79. I like your project! I used TAP in the Life Book and I really love it! Thanks for sharing.

  80. Wendy DiMicco says:

    You know I’m loving(!) your choice of words, “Be. Hold. Wonder.” They hold meaning for the Christmas holidays — and everyday life! As a new TAP-per, I’m looking forward to playing with TAP and stencils! (My wish list for Santa is growing. . . 🙂

  81. Looks great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. Cocoa Fornelli says:

    What a great giveaway!

  83. Thread Girl says:

    Wow! I have been coveting owning StencilGirl stencils for way too long . . . but now that I see how wonderful they are with TAP . . . have to put both of these on my wish list.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  84. Toni Hinchcliffe says:

    What fun! I am a stencil ho, but this is a new technique for me! Can’t wait to try this! Oh, and have a happy birthday, Lesley! I have a November birthday too!

  85. What fabulous projects and a chance to win!

  86. LOVE this idea!!! Will have to try it… and I would love to win this package.

  87. Thanks for the giveaway, and highlighting such a great product!

  88. Love when new products come out and our creative journey is expanded with exciting new ideas. The projects are great. Stenciling is so much fun.
    thanks for sharing.

  89. What awesome projects! So much information.

  90. Love how the box turned out!

  91. Wow, that was an inspiring piece! Very cool, Lesley!


  92. Love them all – and I think my faves are the wood and the canvas treatment. Would LOVE to try it out myself! Thanks for sharing.

  93. I’ve been using TAP on fabric, but never thought of using it on wood! What a great idea, must try that next!

  94. Need to try this!

  95. Dawna Petersen says:

    Ooooh – inspiration for using the TAP leftover after making my grandson’s baby quilt. I’m really intrigued with using inks on the TAP.

  96. I love the look of the projects you made here.
    I am looking to expand my sewing and weaving skills in 2015 and TAP is certainly one product at the top of my list to try.

  97. I own (have read) your first book on TAP and used TAP with great success. I really like the canvas project above and plan to try it. Thanks for your suggestions and Happy Birthday on the 16th.

  98. You are genius!! I really love these ideas, especially the wood, just awesome. Thank you so much with sharing your Tap with us and playing along and using our stencils.

  99. Rebecca Buchanan says:

    I am so excited: TAP and Stencil Girl stencils–what a great combination! Can’t wait to see what people come up with as you have here. Thank you and Stencil Girl for such a promising blog hop.

  100. Such a mystery to me, would like to try it. Love your journals. Happy Birthday.

  101. Rebecca Tilinski says:

    You and Mary Beth..what a creative pair! I have some TAP and all of your other books, would love to win this giveaway…with stencils, too!

  102. I’ve been wanting to try using TAP, but have no experience with any image transferring – so I’m feeling a bit intimidated. After reading this post, I wonder if TAP can be used to transfer a photograph to wood? I would love to win your latest book, so that I may have a step-by-step resource in my hand to use during my first time TAP project!

  103. I recently tried TAP for the first time and love it, now I know I need to try with stencils.

  104. Linda Twichell says:

    Did you ever investigate a low-temp TAP? I have fried several of my projects! Lol!

  105. Wow! A great idea! I do love it and I will give a try! TY

  106. April Lopez says:

    i really need to try this stuff!

  107. Kathy Johnson says:

    Being new to TAP I am just now starting to experiment! Using stencils with them opens up even more ideas!

  108. Jo Vandermey says:

    Great to see even more ways to tap…
    Love the product!
    Need to make myself a great big sign that sayes to reverse text before you tap. It is the one thing I sometimes forget.


  109. Cathy Martin says:

    This is a wonderful idea. I am inspired. I am looking forward to a week to win!

  110. Kimberly Carmichael says:

    I saw you used TAP in Lifebook – brilliant idea to use it with stencils.

  111. I would love to use TAP! I think using TAP with stencils is a fantastic idea. Thanks for giving us various informational sites; sometimes using stencils turns my head around!

  112. Jackie P Neal says:

    Wow Lesley- I’m really digging your happy accident!! Love the distressed look of that piece and wondering where you will go with it from there!
    Great technique- can’t wait to try it- thank you for the chance! “)

  113. What fun. Just reading your process and sharing it gives me a great idea. The Virgin of Guadelupe Day is December 12. I’ve been thinking of a way to transfer her image to canvas so friends and I can have a fun day. Now I’ve got it. Always enjoy your enthusiasm!

  114. I love Tap and I love stencils – can’t wait to give them a try together! I would love to win a copy of your new book – since I have all the other ones : )

  115. Beautiful samples, Lesley!

  116. Bea Savellano says:

    I have not used TAP and am intrigued…bea

  117. Gorgeous, gorgeous projects, Lesley!!
    Now I’m inspired to use StazOn ink and PanPastels on TAP!! And to transfer onto wood, too!! So many possibilities with TAP!!

  118. Thank you for sharing. I’ve never used TAP before. I think I’m going to have to give it a try.

  119. I like what you’ve done with all three projects but the canvas one speaks most directly to me – I love the soft colours. Thanks for sharing.