Create and Follow Your Breadcrumbs

Create and Follow Your Breadcrumbs…? Follow mine below to discover what I mean. March 1999 I’ve been working (playing) at writing down these thoughts about each Fragment and I’ve just had a really moving revelation. I still can’t put it into words yet, but something important is happening during this process. Strangely enough, this physical […]

Creativity: The Details

When it comes to art,  details do matter. In fact and often take more time and consideration than all the work comes before. Details are what makes a piece sing. They indicate that the work is finished and ready to be seen. “God is in the details,” right? Details are what makes a piece sing. They indicate that the work […]

5 Stages of Creativity and the Creativity Gap – #2 DECIDE

The Creativity Gap is any point in the creative process where you fall off the wagon – the spots between dream and do where you get derailed.  Since Graham Wallas’ 1926 model of the creative process, the first of its kind, the focus of creativity has been on the process, not the person. In this series, […]