Thinking of you

You have been on my mind a lot.

Red Thread Amsterdam

I thought about you while facilitating the life-changing Red Thread Retreat in Amsterdam (here’s our group photo.)

You were on my mind while I was roaming the green, green countryside of Scotland, searching for the sacred. And yes, you were present in my thoughts as we celebrated my Dad’s long, well-lived life at his funeral last Friday

Up until today, I had been numb and empty, slow to process the insight, ideas, inspiration, changes and loss that comes from such life-changing places and events. Yet still I thought of you.

That’s how I know that this work I do – inspiring and guiding artists & makers, crafters & dabblers to be their best creative self – is my purposemy calling, my true passion. Why? Because I have discovered that you are the art you are trying to create. It is through the act of creating and making your soul visible that you become whole. I want everyone to feel whole, complete.

I am still working on the project I spoke of in my April 7th post, This One Thing Turned Her Life Around, but like life, everything must happen in it’s own time. I now know that I needed to have the experiences that this month of May brought to me in order for this next endeavor to be right and true.

So yes, I am thinking of you, and wanted to check-in to let you know that I’m here, creating with you in mind…always.

Giants Causeway, Scotland

Giants Causeway, Scotland


  1. Life takes time to process. When you have so many new or deeply personal experiences all at once. It takes time to let it all sink in and make meaning. Sometimes it takes our art and creativity to help us see that inner truth. This is something i learned from you at our international red thread retreat..Thanks Lesley.