Levels of Importance

  Bob Schieffer, host of Face the Nation, the show I don’t watch that follows the one I do,  Sunday Morning, called this the ‘week from hell and back’ for out nation. “Yes,” I thought, “another reminder that the universe is so much bigger, so much more complex, than my own little world here on the farm. […]

Present TIme Post #11

dancing in the sunlight Children only know how to live in the now. The have a hard time waiting for anything because all they know is NOW. They are quick to forgive and forget because now is all that matters. They don’t understand hurry. It is all about what is happening right now. They don’t […]

Present Time Post #5

  Anyone who has ever travelled to teach or take a class knows what it’s like the day before you leave: hunting, gathering, last minute items to pick up, ziploc bags, stapling, notes to the TSA, printing out itineraries, checking in online! (gotta go do that right now – BRB!) OK, so where was I? […]

Odd Bird Sighting Down Under

Let’s see if I remember how to do this. I’ve been so busy over at Artist Success that I have woefully neglected this blog. I apologize. I am full of good intentions but well….you understand. Your life is probably as busy as my own. Somehow the things we have to do expand into whatever time […]


When you get to a certain age, the word sweetheart takes on a whole new meaning.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband of 40 years is still #1 in my book. Always has been, always will be. But when I think of the word sweetheart, it’s these faces that come to mind. We gathered together last night […]

What Changed Last Week?

Hello! I’m back. WOW! I had an amazing 3 days in Miami at Fabienne’s Inner Game of Abundance Mindset retreat. What changed last week? My mindset. This woman is brilliant. I feel so fortunate to be working with her and in turn, being able to share everything, including a better me, with you. The ocean […]

A Birth ~ A New Beginning

  It’s the Catch 22 of life and blogging – so much is happening that you don’t have time to blog, and then when you do, so much has happened that you don’t know where to begin, how much to say, or what to include/leave out so you don’t bore or scare your readers away. […]