What to do when you don’t know

When you find yourself saying “I don’t know”:

what to do

how to do it

if I can

if it will work out

if I really want to

where to start


if it’s too hard
too silly
too stupid

if I am brave enough

how it will turn out

what to use

when I have time

why I’m not doing it

why I can’t get started

what others will think

if I’m wasting my time

if they will like it

if s(he) will let me

if anyone will even cares

if I’ve lost my marbles

if it’s realistic

if I’ll ever finish what I start

what works

you are at the very best part of the situation.

Being at “I don’t know” is when all is possible.

The answer to “I don’t know” is “I’ll find out.” There is only one way for it to turn out wrong and that is not to take the first step to finding out and each next step that follows.

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake, or as I like to say, taking action with unintended results. Life is a series of actions steps. The majority of the the actions you take turn out right: eating, sleeping, breathing, driving, reading, smiling, saying “Thank you”, etc.

I’m guessing you didn’t get walking right on your first try. There was practice, determination and consistent action involved.

That’s how you learn everything. EVERYTHING. Taking action is all you need to do when you don’t know.