What Will Your Verse Be?

If you are reading this, chances are you have been under the influence of Robin Williams. He gave us so much for so long, in so many ways.

You can’t get inside of all those characters unless they already live within you. I know Robin Williams well, not only through his movies and stand up, but by reading between the lines of all he gave us over his lifetime.

Robin Williams gave and gave and gave until he gave out.

Watching the tribute to Williams on Good Morning America today, I asked myself, “How do we give back to someone who gave so much of himself?” How do we give back to anyone who give so much of themselves to others. How do we honor what Robin Williams gave to us?

The answer is to give of ourselves. To risk vulnerability, to experience discomfort, to put ourselves out there and know that we are doing everything possible to live and give of our own talents.

What will your verse be?