Where’s Quotes Illustrated?

QIBadge2If you’re trying to find a copy of the best-selling Quotes Illustrated, you’ll have to wait until November. I have given my book up for adoption!

A day or two after Quotes Illustrated was published, Tonia Jenny of North Light Publishing contacted me to see if I would consider having North Light/F&W publish the book. After weeks of consideration and negotiation, and finally, approval by their board, I am very happy to announce that Quotes Illustrated will now gain wider exposure, greater distribution and even more acclaim, through its publication by North Light/F&W Media next November 2014.

The new edition will have 30 NEW PIECES OF ART and 30 NEW QUOTES. Look for it in November. To stay on top of how it’s progressing and the opportunity to win copies when it’s published, why not sign up for my email newsletter? Then you’ll always be among the first to know everything that’s happening …and I’ve got a lot planned for 2014!

I look forward to sharing the NEW edition of Quotes Illustrated with you!