Winner Announcement and Another Giveaway

The Winner is the randomly generated comment #11 which was submitted by: Donna Joy. Donna, you are the winner of the fabulous book, Alternative Art Surfaces.

Many thanks to those that entered the drawing and left such insightful comments about finding awe and aha. I was in awe at the responses I received and am so happy to hear that you know how to pay attention and seek the awe in the everyday. You know where it is and how to find it.

One thing I am wondering about with you is how do we help others find what they are yearning for? The majority of the world is looking in all the wrong places for the experience of awe and aha. What can you and I do to let them know that what they yearn for is right before their eyes, within reach – that you just have to be looking. I’d love to hear any thoughts you have.

How can we make that difference in another’s life? Click on comments below and let me know.

On a lighter note, it’s time for the monthly Printed Fabric Bee giveaway. Susan Purney Mark was the Queen Bee last month and her theme was INDUSTRIAL. If these fabrics make you drool, pop on over to her blog and leave a comment to be entered into this month’s drawing. Hurry! It ends July 10th.

Here’s a bit about my fabric this month. Years ago I created a 1 yard+ of rusted canvas cloth using a two-step process of iron paint and rust patina. I’ve been hoarding it for years. When I heard about Susan’s industrial theme I instantly thought of the fabric and wanted to send it to her. It’s a bit heavier than the usual cottons we swap in the Printed Bee and might even break the rules, but in my opinion it’s to die for beautiful.

Here are two journal quilts I created several years ago using this fabric. The Journal Quilt Project was an exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Show spanning five years. I am proud and honored to say the set of journal quilts these two quilts were a part of was acquired by Quilts, Inc. for their permanent collection.