You Have to Play to Win

The Art of Whimsical Lettering - jacket artThe giveaway for Joanne Sharpe’s The Art of Whimsical Lettering was quite fun because I asked for CREATIVE entries.

The most creative entry came from Phoebe from Sweet Skies:

Well… Last week I got a call from my boss (I’m a journalist) who wanted to send me to Africa last minute to do a report on how the global economy and climate change are affecting safaris in southern Africa. So I get to South Africa and immediately started on my safari. The first thing they told me that was due to drought, there are game shortages in the park, so the lions have been pretty aggressive as of late.

After a few days driving around the park, I’ve seen a plethora of animals, but no lions – maybe they were just trying to scare me? So last night we’re are settling down for the night and we hear something large walking around outside our campsite. For over an hour, something just outside our line of sight….

Then all of a sudden a lion comes charging into the camp – straight for me! I freeze up and grab my work bag to protect me (yeah, cuz how is that going to help?). The lion comes running past, and instead of going for me grabs my bag, and disappears into the night. Safe! It is only several hours later, after the adrenalin wears off, that the realization sets in that all of my work is in that bag… And I’ve been here for almost a week.

So why do I need the Art of Whimsical Lettering? Because all I have is loose-leaf paper and an old fashioned fountain pen with which to write my article for the newspaper. And I think the only way my boss will take the story is if it looks REALLY awesome with my new skill of creative lettering. :D

You said creative – but it didn’t have to be true – enjoy! :D

So very, very creative, Phoebe. The book is yours!