Where are YOUR Creativity Gaps?

your creativity gaps

The places where you get stuck in the creativity process are your Creativity Gaps.

For me it’s the DESIGN phase of the creative process. I don’t have any problem being in this phase. It’s actually my favorite part of the creative process so I want to stay there. 
Designing = possibilities. Design is all about choices. It is permission to entertain what-ifs; gather ideas, how-tos and inspiration; and play!

The DOING phase is difficult because now I have to make choices and accommodate the realities and limitations of the materials and my skill. You have to pay more attention, overcome the inner-critic, time constraints and more. You can get very frustrated and stuck in the middle, maybe even the very beginning.

Unless you identify and close your creativity gaps.

Wait, a little back-story first. When my creative drive finally became a driving force in my life, I was still spending most of my day driving around appraising real estate. This left a lot of time for designing the art I would create when I got back to my bedroom studio and worktable (aka my bed).

Everything was worked out in my head and recorded in-between appointments in the notebook I carried with me to hold these brilliant plans, measurements, drawings, ideas, etc.  As a result, I felt very accomplished, productive, time-management savvy and on top of my creative world. I could hit the ground running when the time came.

The DOING phase is where the reality rubber hits the road. Skills don’t always match your vision. Designs in the head don’t measure up to the work in your hands. In addition to that, there’s the compulsion to get something finished. And there’s only a short amount of uninterrupted studio time!  The PRESSURE is climbing!

I get stuck in the doing, unless I take the pressure off of myself.  I’m talking about the pressure to get it done now, to get it done right, to get it to match the vision in your head. 

I get stuck in the DOING phase of the creative process because my head is still stuck in the DESIGN phase where everything goes right.

Here’s a tip – The place you find yourself stuck in is often the result of a gap you fell into EARLIER in the creative process.

THAT’S the one you need to identify, close or build a bridge over.

Learning to identify and recognize where YOU get stuck in the creative process is the first thing we will cover in my Closing the Creativity Gap program. Usually, there isn’t just one place, one gap an artist falls into and gets stuck. Ultimately, I’ve identified (experienced and overcome) 21 of them and will share how to identify and bridge YOUR Creativity Gaps!